Life is Full of Love – 9 Loves for the 10 Day “You” Challenge


Nine loves. I guess I could cheat and just say my kids and grandkids. Except then I’d have to leave my three “in-loves” out.  Rather than leave anyone out I will share nine other loves.

1. Fabric. Prints, solids, textured, smooth, cottons, wool, satin and silk, fabric for any project. Enough said.

2. Books. Just books. New books, old books. Paperback books, hardcover books. Fiction or nonfiction. I love books. I love books. Love to see them. Love to hold them. Love to read them. Sometimes I even love to write them.

3. Stuart Oklahoma. Not my hometown. Filled with caring and welcoming people,  There is a hotel there that was built before Oklahoma was a state. Today the hotel is used for gatherings and meetings. But, it’s the people that make Stuart one of my loves.

4. Water. Preferably large bodies of water, the ocean lakes, large ponds. Although swimming pools, rivers, and creeks can work too. It’s best if I can get in the water. However, sometimes the weather, or circumstances, doesn’t cooperate, then just watching the water is soothing and calming.

5. Sunsets and sunrises. The world slows down for both and the sky paints beautiful pictures. A perfect time for assessing the day ahead or the one just finished.

6. Bedding freshly washed and dried outside in the sunshine. The smell and feel is welcoming and calming.

7. The internet. It keeps me connected to the world no matter what the weather does.

8. Music. Music is the backdrop to my life. Whether I’m driving (and I drive a lot) working at home, exercising, or reading I love to have music playing. Jazz, classical, country, oldies, I listen to almost all of it (not too much heavy metal, or hard rock and roll) I can’t usually tell you who the artist is, or the name of the song, but I enjoy the sounds of music.

9. The Dr. Pepper clock in my kitchen. It hung in my husband’s classroom for 26 years. When he retired they let him bring it home. He told me he remembered the company donating the clocks to classrooms when he was a kid and wanting the one that was given to his class. I love the clock for all the memories it brings. And it still works too.


What is one of your favorite memories that you love?

Is there a town in your past or present you love?

Do you love technology or one part of it?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Getting to Know You – Ten Day “You” Challenge

 Shalini, who I met through the Ultimate Blog Challenge, has been doing a 10 Day “You” challenge. I’ve been following and thinking, ‘what a great idea.’ Which is why I’m following her lead.

10-day-challenge-photoToday is day one (or ten, since the challenge counts backwards) and secrets. I’m not sure they’re “secrets,” but here are ten things not everyone knows about me.

1.           I am the mother of three, and the grandmother of six. I don’t think that’s any big secret. But you might not know it.  They are seldom all in the same place at the same time, but they were last summer and I got a picture to prove it.


 3.  Growing up, my family moved, a lot. Often just changing houses in the same town. When changing houses, we also managed to change school districts. I went to nine different schools. And swore when I got married I would live in one place. Hmm, In the first four years of our marriage my husband and I moved eight times before we stayed in the same place for 26 years.

    4. I am involved with Quilts of Valor and love making the presentations. Even if tears are involved.

thomas-leonard-and-wife-with-his-qov    5. I am a little bit of a rebel, again, no big secret. I like to do things just a little bit different.

    6.  In the past couple of years my hair has been in part, purple, pink, and green I don’t do unusual color anymore, because it seems everyone else, of vintage age, is doing it.

    7. I’m not a fan of online shopping.

    8.  My dream house is a cottage style house with a beach and the ocean on one side and a garden with a patio on the other side. Of course, with someone to take care of the garden.

    9. I love notebooks and journals and have several. They are very hard to pass up, and they’re not expensive. Much as I love buying them, I don’t like writing in them because then they are “messed up.” It takes me several tries to actually use a notebook or journal.

    9.  I was not a fan of the Beatles and became a fan of the Monkees almost in self-defense. After all what self-respecting teen-age girl of the sixties did not like the newest, coolest, rock and roll?


  10. I know how to shoot, I haven’t gotten my concealed permit yet. Mostly because I don’t want to. I’m happy knowing how to handle the gun, and knowing I could use it if needed. When I was in high school a friend and I would go shooting a couple times a month. I don’t shoot as much now and I just have a pistol, although I prefer a rifle. Which is funny to me because in high school I shot a pistol. Go figure.

george-and-nita-in-pickup-with-riflesThere you have it. Ten secrets that really aren’t all that secret. Thanks to Shalini and the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


What is one thing few people know about you?

Where is your dream house located?

Have you ever colored, or thought about coloring, your hair an unusual color?


Leave a note in the comments and let me know what you think.






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Healthy, Easy to prepare, Inexpensive Snack Foods

Snacks. Most people love them. They should be a food group all their own, proteins, fruits, vegetables, grains, fats and snacks. Right?

No, not only do they not have their own food group, wrong, just wrong. We are told snacking, snacks, and snack food is all bad for us. We should shun them like they afe evil. Except they aren’t evil. They aren’t even “bad” for us. Snacks have gotten a bad reputation.

“Don’t snack, you won’t eat supper.” Anyone ever hear that? Maybe you even said it to your kids.

“No, I shouldn’t, it’ll go straight to my hips.” Another one we’ve heard, or said.


Guess what? Snack food doesn’t have to be high calorie, unhealthy, or taboo. Snacks aren’t always cake, pie, cookies, ice cream or candy. Really.

You know what else? Healthy snacks are also tasty. Who knew?


The best thing about healthy snack food? It’s easy. I like easy. Here are my top ten easy snacks for between meals, or sometimes as a meal.

There are fruits: img_3327

  1. Apples
  2. Oranges
  3. Pomegranate
  4. Banana
  5. Pineapple

Then, of course there are the vegetables. How could I be out of carrots? Went to take a picture of the vegetables and, no carrots. Just celery, avocado and cauliflower. That’s okay, you know what a carrot looks like.Noimg_3330

  1. Celery
  2. Carrots
  3. Broccoli
  4. Cauliflower
  5. Snap Peas

There you have it, ten snack foods for when the munchie monster appears. Writing about all this food, and taking the pictures has awakened my munchie monster. Time to go feed her. That cauliflower is looking good.

Are you a snacker, or do you eat only at mealtimes?

What is your favorite snack food?

When do you most often snack?

Let a comment below and let share your feelings on snacking. This is post is part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.




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Thankful for Wonderful Waitresses

Thankful Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday. Most of us, have our “normal” blessings. Or is that just me?

I’m always thankful for things like, family, friends, a place to live, food to eat, etc. However, for Thankful Thursday, I’ll go a little past the normal. At least until I change my mind.


I am thankful for friendly, helpful waitresses. Two friends and I have a standing lunch date at a particular restaurant.  We go so often we have our own table.  All of the waitresses there are great. In fact, if we get a new waitress the experienced ones explain the procedure to her: 

  •   There will be three of them (if one of us hasn’t arrived yet.)
  • They prefer that table because it has better light and is a little quieter
  • They want rolls, no jalapeño cornbread.
  • Don’t forget the honey.
  • They drink root beer, diet soda, and water with lemon. (Although, the water one, me, sometimes adds another drink.)
  • They will want dessert later, not right away, don’t close out their ticket until after they’ve had dessert.

Yesterday’s waitress was new. She described the vegetable of the day, El Paseo Potatoes. She called it a baked potato with cheese and jalapeno pepper. Good try, it was baked, but as a casserole type dish rather than a baked potato with cheese and peppers.

My friend wasn’t sure about it, she doesn’t care for cheese. “Is there very much cheese on it?”

“I don’t think so.” The waitress thought for a moment before answering.

“I can always take it off if it’s too much.”

“No, the cheese isn’t on top, it’s mixed in and it’s already made so they can’t do one with less cheese. I’m sorry.” This should have been my clue that it wasn’t a “baked” potato, but potatoes that are baked.

I was more concerned about “heat,” I don’t do spicy.

The waitress suggested we go ahead and order, and if we don’t like it she could exchange it. My friend ate hers, it wasn’t too cheesy although she probably won’t be ordering it again.

I had to send mine back. It was just too hot/spicy for me. I’m a wimp when it comes to those flavors.

I am thankful for the waitress who took the time to describe the dish and then make arrangements to return it if we didn’t like it.

Most waiters and waitresses are great. Every once in awhile we’ll get one that isn’t, for whatever reason. Those people help me appreciate the wonderful wait staff I often have.

Thank you to the waiters and waitresses for the job you do and the smiles you share with your customer.

 Almost forgot. It’s still National Letter Writing Week. I’m writing a note to our eating establishment, complimenting their wait staff.  

Who will you write a letter or note to today?

Do you have a favorite eating place?

Do often get the same wait person? 

Have you ever been a wait person?

Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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Workout Wednesday – Exercise to Stay in Your Home

Welcome to my ever-changing world.


In our family we often say my brother wakes up in a different world every day. Well, I guess I do too.

When I started this blog, and then when this challenge came along, Wednesday was for devotions. Even had one written for today when I changed my mind.

Wednesday is now Workout Wednesday. Not sure how long this title will last, we will see. Working out, exercising, moving more than we sit is vital. Especially as we get older. Two of my friends demonstrated this last year.

Bessie and Opal (not their real names) are both in their early seventies. Both had mobility issues. Opal was already using a walker and Bessie had a cane. Both women knew they needed to exercise, even in a limited way.


Bessie began taking short walks. At first she walked through her house a time or two. Soon she moved to walking to end of her driveway then out to her garden. Each day she went one or two steps further.

Opal said, “I know I need to exercise, but if I walk outside it’s embarrassing to just walk a few feet and sit down to rest.”

When she was encouraged to walk in her house she replied, “I don’t know how far I’m walking.” She didn’t walk at all. She frowned at the suggestion of doing exercises while sitting. She signed up at a gym, but quit going when she over-exercised and hurt the next day.


In the meantime, Bessie kept moving one step more each day. Until the day came when she didn’t need the cane. She continued pushing forward gently. By Spring she was able to go out and work in her garden for an hour at a time.


Both ladies are super nice, and would do anything to help someone else. Bessie did something for herself and took action to be able to remain in  her home and enjoy her garden. Opal is still in her home, but she has mentioned that the time could come when she’d have to move where there is help available for her.

Like Bessie and Opal, I want to stay in my own home and be able to function. In fact, if I just had to use a walker I’d have to move. My house is not handicapped accessible and would be costly to make it work.

I started slow, walking, then added yoga and stretching. Right now I’m up to 5,000 steps a day, 10,000 is the goal.

Since this is National Letter week, how about writing a letter to your exercise, or accountability partner, your trainer (if you have one,) your gym owner. I think I’ll write one to the town of Allen. They have a walking trail that’s the perfect distance and in the right location for me to use  when returning from town.




Do you exercise?

What is your favorite exercise?

What is your favorite time to exercise?








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Connecting with Friends

Friends, add flavor to our lives. They celebrate the good times with us, they tolerate our shenanigans, (or they are the ones doing shenanigans), they entertain us, and they are there through the hard times to help us come out the other side.


Why not write a letter to a friend. One who lives across the country, or world, or one who lives next door. Write a friend who has known you f-o-r-e-v-e-r and knows all your secrets,  or a new friend who is just learning some of your quirks , and still is a friend.

Here’s a look at some fictional television friends. Although I think the actors were also friends in real life.

First up, my favorite first look at friendship, Ethel and Lucy of I LOVE LUCY fame.

Then there is Andy and Barney from THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW.  I mean (spoiler alert in case you haven’t seen this show) we all need a friend who will put together a  team and go into a cave to rescue us, at the risk of looking foolish. We also need that friend, who after she rescues herself, will go back into the cave so we can rescue her and not look foolish. Friendship at its best.

Moving forward a litter there is Mary and Rhoda  and then Laverne and Shirley

Of course there is the unlikely friendship of Oscar and Felix of THE ODD COUPLE. Their friendship is so cool there is the classic version and a newer version.

See? Lots of friends everywhere. Today’s letter will go to a friend from high school. She lives across the country and we don’t see each other often. We usually stay in touch online, but a physical letter is a nice way to stay connected too.

Will you be writing a letter today? Leave a comment and share.

What is your favorite television friendship?

Will you write a note to a friend today?

Share a little about your oldest friend.

This is post 10 for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.



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Music and Mail, It’s National Letter Writing Week

It’s National Letter Writing Week and Music Monday. So, I’m going to combine them.

There is also a National Writing Day and Month, and neither of them are in January, how weird is that? Maybe it’s to spread the mail love. After all who doesn’t enjoy receiving mail that isn’t an advertisement or a bill? At any rate, this, the second week in January is National Letter Writing Month.

What’s Nice About Letters

  • They’re personal, they take time and effort to write and send. Unlike an email that can be written in a moment and sent even quicker.
  • They’re tangible and can be held in our hands. Sure we can print off an email, but it doesn’t have the same feel and weight as a letter sent by someone.
  • We can save them. How many women keep letters their husbands sent, and re-read them years later?
  • We look forward to receiving a letter in the mailbox.
  • Writing a letter can be healing.

Letter Writing Prompt (or Challenge)

This week consider sending (or in some cases writing a letter) every day. Since I’m joining up with Ultimate Blog Challenge and am posting daily for the month of January I’ll post a letter suggestion here each day.

For today, write a letter, or send a postcard to a relative who lives far away. Leave a comment below and tell who is going to receive your letter. I’m sending a postcard to my cousin. She lives in New York and I haven’t seen her in over ten years.

Letter Music

There are an abundance of songs written about mail and letters. I’ll share just a few here.

First, in honor of other cousins, as well as friends there is LETTERS FROM HOME – John Michael Montgomery


Next up, travel back in time to an oldie (ohhh, really and oldie?) THE LETTER – The Boxtops (

Then there’s this newer song (really it’s newer to me, even if the clip is from 1995) BOX FULL OF LETTERS – Wilco


Then there’s this really oldie, PLEASE MISTER POSTMAN – The Marvelettes

.I hope you take a few minutes to write a letter. You can enjoy the music while you’re writing.

Do you write letters often?

Who do (or would) you enjoy receiving a letter from?

What is your favorite “letter” song?

Don’t forget to leave a comment below, I love comments, they are music to my eyes. Joining Ultimate Blog Challenge, come and join us.

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