Wednesday Words

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Thoughts to Inspire and Encourage

It’s been a busy couple of days. Left the house at seven-thirty yesterday morning to be with a friend who was having breast cancer surgery. Spent the night, and most of today, with her so she wouldn’t be alone. Her wifi and my computer didn’t want to play together, so no internet until I came home. Which means, I don’t have time to find pictures for today’s words, which means it’s just the words.

Today’s thoughts were on my tea bags since I drink tea several times a day, saving the tags with the inspiring words was a simple procedure. Most of these says do not give credit to the person who gave us the quote. Regardless of who first said them, I find them encouraging and hope yo do too. Enjoy.

“Your great happiness is based on the warmth of your heart.”  -unknown

“In the beginning is you, in the middle is you, and in the end is you.”

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”                                                                                         -Lao Tzu

“The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgment.”

“Plant kindness and gather love.” -proverb

“Never try to impress others, try to impress yourself and find happiness within you.”  –  unknown

“He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.” Persian Proverb

There are the thoughts for the week.

Is there one you’ve never heard before that you liked?

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Encouraging Thoughts found on Everyday Items


For Wednesday’s words today I’m sharing pictures of inspirational or uplifting words found on different items in stores. I take pictures with no clue what I’ll do with them, so for today some are being shared with you.

A simple jar cut-out that looks like a large canning jar, to be hung on the wall, or maybe on the porch? Imagine it filled with seeds of dreams.grow big dreams

This next one isn’t so much inspirational or uplifting, although it is encouraging. Mostly it made me smile, I hope it does the same for you. This is a refrigerator magnet. if no one comes from future to stop you

Another refrigerator magnet, because sometimes we just need a reminder to hang on, life is going to get better. hang in there baby magnetMugs are always a great source for thoughts. Pictures of them take up less space than the actual mugs. inspirational mug trio collage


Picture frames with words do double duty. I don’t have this one, yet.  A picture of all my grands would be great in this one, or one of my husband. What would you put in it? allow faith to take control



Another simple wall plaque.wisdom begins in wonder


And finally, great suggestion found hanging above a fireplace in a one thing that makes you happy

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Grow Your Community-Increase Your Well Being

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a town, or city to keep an adult on track. Growing our community means surrounding ourselves with people who support us. They can come from all walks of our life, they may be on the our sidelines, but they are they to help us when we need the help.

When my husband died a friend said, “don’t let yourself drown in pain.”

I told her “no problem, there are too many people holding me up, even when I don’t ask, I don’t think I can drown.”

While the pain didn’t go away and I continue to miss him, I am now embracing and enjoying life. The people in my life are the reason. They made life bearable at first, until I began living and enjoying life again. They continued to support and encourage until I reached a point where I could once again live and embrace life.

My community seemed small at first, although it was much larger than I first thought. Over time, more people have been added and together all of them help me stay on an even keel.

Where does the community come from, how do we build one and add to the one we have?

Our community starts close to us. The first part of my community are my family, my children and their spouses, my siblings, my husband’s siblings, and my extended family of nieces, nephews, and cousins. Not everyone has a great family to lean on, hopefully there is some family to start the community circle. Although, family does not have to be blood. One of my biggest supporters is a family friend. We’ve known him for years, he is not related to either my husband or I, but he encourages me regularly. Whether family is blood or not, they are our first circle of community.

The next layer are the friends and neighbors. Those people who have been a part of your life for months or years. They may be people you work with, people you met through your children, people you met through your spouse, or members of the same

A side benefit of having a community, is that we are also part of their world. We are able to entertain, encourage, and sometimes advise them. We are there for them, just as they are there for us. Sometimes helping someone else is the best way to help ourselves.



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Five Blogs to Check Out

The Ultimate Blog Challenge is great for both helping me improve my blog posts as well as being more consistent. Not consistent, yet, but more consistent. This post is for day 25, although we are on day 27. Like I said, not consistent yet, but improving.

I’ve followed Martha’s blog, The Martha Review, includes reviews of products, travel, writing, basically she blogs about life. On Wednesday’s she usually does, Almost Wordless Wednesday with pictures. Thankfully, it’s Almost so the reader has an idea of what the picture is.

The next blogger are those I recently met, thanks to Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) first up is Dave a photographer who shares great pictures of people and scenery that tell a story. His blog is, Where Do You Want to Go Today? I love that title.  I’ve never really wanted to travel outside the US, but with Dave’s pictures I can, without a passport. He lets the pictures speak for themselves, but tells enough about where he is and some of what the local people are doing.

Next is Jen, at The Many Layers of Jen. She blogs about the adventure of life with photos and writings. I like all of her posts, although I am drawn to those about exercise and fitness. While Jen is a few years younger than me (a lot of years) her expertise as a trainer, and viewpoint from a different age are valuable.

Jeanine Byers is a single homeschooling mom who also blogs about life (I’m seeing a trend here) but also about healing ourselves. She recently wrote about affirmations, which I enjoyed since I am a fence sitter about affirmations. You can find that blog post here.

And finally, not really but for today I’ll stop with Amrita at HealthWealthBridge. She is a doctor (or a doctor-in-training, I forget) in India. She share useful, and honestly helpful heath and lifestyle tips and eating information. Many time the health tips I read are not something I can, or will, follow through on so they are no help. Amrita actually gives ideas I can use.

There are many other great bloggers at Ultimate Blog Challenge, they blog on everything from parenting to elder care, and everything in between like, technology, business, photography. Choose your interest and someone is probably blogging about it.




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Wednesday’s Words

Wednesday is when I share words of humor, inspiration, faith, whatever comes to mind really. Sometimes they are my thoughts, sometimes they are others. I always try to give credit if the idea is someone else’s. Today’s words include a Bible verse I came across while working on one of my projects.


wednesday's words


matt 6-21 where your treasure is

participate in joy



see the magic in the day

to stop the pain let go of the hurt



celebrate the ordinary with bathtubthe mind can do anything if the heart wants

Couldn’t resist sharing this teeshirt a man had on at a recent gathering. I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel better to know others are pretending to be adults too.

cleverly disguised as a responsible adult tee-shirt-cropped

I hope you enjoyed this week’s words.





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Travel by Air and Ink

travel tuesday in the clouds

It’s Travel Tuesday, and once more a book is my vehicle of choice.  This week I visited west Texas and other places from the clouds for the most part. Nancy Robinson Masters is a master story teller and a pilot, she flies us across the landscape and introduces us to some memorable people in her book ALL MY DOWNS HAVE BEEN UPS.

In her preflight, the section other authors might call an introduction, Nancy tells the reader that portions of the books are “absolute fact” and others are “absolute fiction.” The reader gets to decide.

She starts the book by giving us a glimpse into her childhood and offers a quick introduction to her playmates, and siblings, and her mother. From there we meet her flight instructor and the first black woman to earl an International Pilot’s license. The interesting introductions continue throughout the book trip.

The flight isn’t always smooth, she flies us over farmland devastated by fire, and airfield once used for mail pilots no longer needed and sold off for another use. She showed us a time when a little girl could buy a treat for a nickel. There were the smooth rides and the rough ones.

Going from one experience to another, one time to another, meeting the most interesting people, it was not a book to read in spurts although it is broken into small sections and can be read leisurely, by some people I suppose.

I had read the book before, several years ago and I wanted to revisit it, it probably shouldn’t count as a read for this year for me, for you though it’s different. You can find the book here,  If you read it, I hope  you come back and tell me what you thought. Other books, and more information about her can be found at her website, here.

Happy travels, whether by book, boat, plane, or car, enjoy the ride.

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