Past Pleasure Revisited

1376084_10201438612779684_1304077167_nLook what I get to review for you today. The newest book by Mariam Kobras.

Often finding enjoyment in those activities that gave us pleasure is the past is difficult when our lives go careening out of control. Like when my husband died and I quit reading.

We were both reading monsters. We bought books. We shared books. We were regular patrons at our local library. He died and my reading came to a halt. A. Complete.Stop.

Over the months and years I waded back into the reading pool. It wasn’t as if there were no books available. Many of my friends are writers. With published books I have many of their books on my shelves. However, it wasn’t until I “met” Mariam Kobras a German author.

Maybe her friendliness on Twitter and Facebook drew me in. Maybe it’s that she’s near my age (although several years younger I’m sure) and has been married for a long time. The attraction could’ve been her quilting background, she quilted before she started writing. I don’t know what drew me to her and her writing. What keeps drawing me back to her books is definitely her story-telling flair.

Having read, and enjoyed the STONE TRILOGY, I wanted to know more about the heroine, Naomi Carlsson. I was curious to see if Mariam could pull it off, write the story of Naomi without becoming boring. She could and she did.

In WAITING FOR A SONG, we meet Naomi Carlsson at eighteen, the cosseted, and well-guarded heiress to the Carlsson empire.  Her clothes are purchased for her, her jewels are stored in a safe place, she doesn’t drive or ride a bicycle (that could be dangerous), gifts from others are meant to impress her father rather than delight her, her birthday parties are elaborate affairs she has no voice in planning. Her life is planned and arranged for her. Or is it?

While I’m certainly not an heiress, and you aren’t either, we can relate to Naomi as she struggles to make her voice heard, her life her own.  She does meet her soul mate in the book, but he is a byproduct of her willingness to go after the life she wants. The story is reminiscent of the early years when my husband and I became a team and it was us against the world. It is also a story for now. We can all still grab for life, go after new dreams, or old ones that we shelved.

Not only does Naomi follow her heart and her dreams. She does it in what for many of us is fantasy land. She wears designer clothing, has jewels that must be stored away in a vault, travels on a jet. It’s a fun world to visit, and Mariam paints word pictures with her pen, it’s almost like getting a private movie.

The book takes place in the 1980’s, Naomi can’t marry Prince Charles was engaged to “that Diana girl.”  While my own “grab at life” and wedding had been a few years earlier, I recognized many of Naomi’s thoughts and actions. They reflected some of my own. Ok, not many of the actions, I never traveled on jets or from country to country, but some of her actions were those I could have, or did take.

WAITING FOR A SONG, is a fun look back at a different time and place. It is an encouragement that no matter what others think, or tell us, we can be in control. We can reach for the dream. If we get it great, if not, we will at least enjoy the stretch.

DSC_0832While Mariam and I are internet friends, the review was not paid for, and the opinion is wholly mine. Of course, it is a good review, because I don’t review books I don’t like. It’s hard to review something I don’t read. I hope you enjoy WAITING FOR A SONG, as well as her other books.

Not only did I enjoy WAITING FOR A SONG, as well as Mariam Kobras’ other books, they have reopened the reading road for me. Reading is once again a treat for me.








What did you enjoy doing before your husband’s death that you haven’t tried recently?

What would you like to do again that you used to do in the past?

Have you read any of her books? Did you enjoy them?



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