30 Days of Declutter Update

A couple of weeks ago I posted about joining a new challenge, here. I promised to let you know how it went. So far, so good. It is amazing to me how decluttering (even a little) my mind and house can pull weight off.

While I haven’t weighed, since I don’t own any scales, there is no number of pounds proof of weight reduction. However, I have a pair of jeans that I wasn’t able to wear unless I laid on the bed to snap them. Two days ago I wore the jeans, snapped, and zipped them standing up.  That’s got to mean some pounds went somewhere.

So what were the daily challenges and how did I accomplish them? The first week we were to:

Day 1.  Post a selfie of ourselves on the Facebook page and write a list of things we liked about our body.

Day 2.  Purge a closet

Day 3.  Wear our nice jewelry, even with jeans and around the house.

Day 4.  Spruce up our favorite place, make it an oasis for us.

Day 5.  Buy flowers for ourselves.

Day 6.  Reorganize a drawer.

Day 7.  Take a bubble bath.

How did I do each day?

1.  The selfie was a challenge and took me most of the day to figure out a way to make it work. Long story on my computer issues, but I did it.The list of things I liked about my body was short, but I did find a couple of things.

2.  Purge the closet was interesting since I don’t keep clothes I don’t wear, just don’t like them in my way. However, I did have a closet, filled and  cluttered with boxes, making my walk-in closet a reach-in. I went through the boxes, found new homes for some of them and eliminated the others, moving their contents to charity, the trash, or their proper home.

3.  I don’t wear jewelry, nice or otherwise. Didn’t see a point in buying jewelry just to wear for one day. Instead I took the time to wear make-up. Had to reapply it because I went swimming, but I wore make-up all day, just at home.

4.  Sprucing up my favorite place was a no-brainer. I love the little patio area by the pool  Except, it had car parts (I’m serious here, two doors, a fender and a steering wheel.) It took me most of the morning, but the parts got moved away, a lawn chair placed in the area, the cushion added to the swing, and moved a cabinet to the area to hold pool supplies. Now, I can either recline in the lawn chair, or swing and think if I’m not in the pool. Great idea to take one day and make a place special for me. Not sure where my special place will be when it’s too cold for the pool or patio.

5.  Buying myself flowers was a challenge. I forgot to stop at the store that day, the next time I was in town, I couldn’t find a store that sold flowers. No, I didn’t go to a florist, they were closed. Not that long ago my local grocery stores sold flowers, no longer, at least not the ones near me. I know I could have gone to that big store where everyone shops, but I avoid it whenever possible. Ended up cutting me some sunflowers from my pasture. They still brightened the room and made me smile.

6.  Reorganize a drawer. Another easy, no brainer one for me. I have a dresser that I’ve been wanting to move out, only half the drawers had anything in them. I took this day to clean out the other drawers and now the dresser is empty, waiting to be moved to it’s new home.

7.  Taking a bubble bath was another challenge. I don’t take baths. I’m a shower kind of person. What if I take a bath, then can’t get out of the tub? Huh? What then? Instead of a relaxing bath, which would have been the exact opposite for me, I went out and took a moonlit swim. Lucky for me it was warm enough to be in the pool after dark. If you’ve never done it, and have the opportunity, I highly recommend just floating in the pool looking up at the stars.

There you have it, one week into the challenge and I’m enjoying it so much.  Try doing some, or all of the challenges yourself. It’s not too late to join, here, there’s still two weeks of challenges left.

Last week’s challenges were also simple and fun:

Friday – Plan a girl’s day out

Saturday – Create a positive statement

Sunday – Create a nightly ritual

Monday – Walk barefoot in the grass

Tuesday – Write a list of gratitudes

Wednesday – Finish a project

Thursday – Ban criticizing for one day.

I’ll give you an update on those successes throughout the coming week.  In the meantime, the challenges for this week are:

Friday – meditate

Saturday – exercise

Sunday – go for a nature walk

Monday – Go for a swim

Tuesday – Dance party for one

Wednesday – Go for a walk with someone

Thursday – frolic

Have you tried any of these challenges recently?

Do you do any of these challenges on a regular basis?

What is your favorite challenge listed so far?

Widows, like all women, thrive on support and encouragement. Whether we participate in a challenge to improve our outlook, other aspect of our life, join a group that offers support, or read a book with suggestions and examples of others in our situation, we need support from others.

Check out my book, Beyond the Grief: A Widow’s Survival Guide. It offers ideas on ways to handle different issues as well as stories of how other widows dealt with particular problems.


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Quilter, writer, speaker, mom and grandmom. I enjoy making quilts for my grandkids, and other children. I especially love hearing and sharing quilt stories with others, that's how the book came about and this blog will continue to share quilt stories and how God works with quilts to comfort and teach us.
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