Nurturing from Others


Do you consider yourself a nurturer? Are you the friend others turn to when they need to be nurtured? It’s a good quality to have, the ability and willingness to nurture others.

However, where do you turn when you need to be nurtured?

We can accept the nurturing of a hug. Whether it comes from a friend, relative or stranger. I attended a conference a few days ago. One of the attendees received news that her children’s father had died.  She received many hugs once the news became known. Many of those hugs came from people she didn’t know, but who wanted to offer her comfort, a little nurturing.

When someone offers to buy us a coffee (or other beverage), or even a meal, we can accept graciously, and enjoy the nurturing they are offering.

Has anyone every ran an errand for you, or picked up a dropped item? Did you realize they were offering you a small bit of nurturing?

Nurturing takes many forms, and can be provided by almost anyone.  We readily nurture others, we need to accept the nurturing others offer us.

Do you have a favorite way to be nurtured?

When was the last time some one did something nurturing for you? Did you realize they were nurturing you at the time?

Is it easy for you to accept gifts (nurturing) from others?

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About Nita

Quilter, writer, speaker, mom and grandmom. I enjoy making quilts for my grandkids, and other children. I especially love hearing and sharing quilt stories with others, that's how the book came about and this blog will continue to share quilt stories and how God works with quilts to comfort and teach us.
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