State Fair Field Trip

October is national field trip month.

Did you take field trips when you were in school? I remember a few. Most of them were supposed to be educational in addition to entertaining. Not sure how much we learned when we visited the bakery. But, the smells of the vast loaves of yeast bread  remain in my memory files.


Maybe that’s why the food I gravitated to yesterday was the soft pretzel.

My field trip yesterday included a trip to the fair where I watched my granddaughter show her sheep and goats.


Afterwards I meandered through the exhibit halls where the 4H and FFA students projects were on display. Amazed, as always, by the skill and creativity of the students.

Patio Table seen at Tulsa State Fair 2016.jpg

Like this patio table made by a group of FFA students (I forgot which chapter)

Bird feeder Tulsa State Fair 2016.jpg

And this unique bird feeder made by one student. I wonder if this design deters squirrels from the bird seed smorgasbord?


And this holiday sign made by the Okemah FFA. I wonder if I could talk them into making me one? Wouldn’t it be pretty at night with lights around it?



Of course I had to take a picture of the tractor on display since my son collects them. No, the students didn’t build this, but they did restore it.


As I was leaving I ran into my adopted granddaughter who had been there showing her pig. I’m sorry I missed her showing, but it was great seeing her and getting my hug.

On my way home I stopped at yoga class, no pictures of that and went by to visit with my son and his family for a few minutes.

All in all a great field trip day.


When was the last time you took a “field trip,” just for fun, or to learn something?

Is there a place or event you’d like to visit?

What was the last field trip you took?

About Nita

Quilter, writer, speaker, mom and grandmom. I enjoy making quilts for my grandkids, and other children. I especially love hearing and sharing quilt stories with others, that's how the book came about and this blog will continue to share quilt stories and how God works with quilts to comfort and teach us.
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10 Responses to State Fair Field Trip

  1. I absolutely love that little outdoor patio set the students made. I’ll admit, I almost skimmed past it because I was thinking about how yummy that pretzel looked. I haven’t had a warm pretzel in forever! That looks like it was a lovely field trip.

    • Nita says:

      I hadn’t had a warm pretzel in forever either. That’s what drew me in I think. Sorry, it made you almost miss the cool patio set. It was a wonderful day and trip. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Judith Richey says:

    Reading this post makes me miss my baby girl who is in college now, who was in FFA for during high school. She was/is a horse judger. Doing it in college now. I grew up in the country and love how there are still pockets of our country passing on the ag traditions. Thanks for sharing.

    • Nita says:

      Some of the pockets with ag traditions are pretty huge. Sad to think there are vast areas of the country without them. Glad you enjoyed the post and it brought happy memories. Thanks for stopping.

  3. Di Hill says:

    This article made me think of my only school excursions. They were to the Coca Cola Factory. We did no other trips. It was a long time ago, without all the amazing places that are available these days.

    • Nita says:

      They do have some amazing places for the kids to visit today. However, seeing the bread being made at the Wonder Bread factory was a unique experience. I bet visiting the Coca Cola Factory was too. We can tell our kids and grandkids about those wonderful places. Thanks for stopping.

  4. Martha DeMeo says:

    Oh what a fun day that looks like! It also brought back memories when my girls were in 4-H and they showed their horses and rabbits. Loved your photos.

    • Nita says:

      I skipped the rabbit and chicken barns this time. They are great to look at, maybe next time. Thanks for stopping.

  5. Jennifer Bay says:

    Looks like so much fun, I loved field trips in school and can’t wait to go with my son! Thanks for sharing.

    • Nita says:

      Field trips with the school is great, other kids and all. But there’s no reason you can’t make a trip to the zoo or park a field trip day for your family. Thanks for stopping. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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