Eight Fears – Part of the Ten Day “You” Series


I try hard not to be afraid, or think about what scares me. If I don’t think about is frightening, and it happens, that’s when I’ll figure out a way to muddle through. 

For example, I wasn’t afraid of my husband dying. Because in my mind he wasn’t going to die. He was going to beat that illness and our lives would go on. I didn’t want to think about  him not beating it. What would I do? How would I finish life with out him? To think about those things would’ve scared the begees out of me.

I knew how to do certain things, pay bills, balance the checkbook, do a budget, mow the lawn, put gas in the car, all of the activites the experts say women should know how to do “in case.” I knew how to get something done if I didn’t have the skills to accomplish it. I could take the car in for the oil change, and tire rotation, call the propane company when my stove won’t stay lit, call my sons and get them to handle a situation, or have them give me a name to call.


Since being scared doesn’t help me, I try to avoid it. Still, there are those things that I’m afraid of, or that bother me. In no particular order they are:

1. Mice, spiders I can handle. Mice or rats give me the hebbie-gebbies. They make me jump and gasp if they dart across my space. I can set traps for them, and empty the traps, but ewwww.

2. Snakes. *Shudder* I know some snakes are good and benefical, they help. Those snakes need to stay out of my line of sight. When I see a snake, I want it gone. On the other hand, if someone who knows what they are doing is handling a snake, and offers to let me touch it, I will. Go figure.

3. Running out of propane in the winter, when the roads are icy. I  have great propane people, and they’d drive to my house to supply me with more. But, I don’t want someone being on dangerous roads because of me. Being without propane when the roads are icy, means it is beyond cold. I am always fearful of not having propane, which is why I check it often in the winter.

4. Not having the internet. My internet has gone down for a short time. However, I can’t imagine not having it at all. It is my lifeline. On days when I can’t do anything else I can surf the web. My son and I have talked about me moving, but when I do, the new house will have to have internet access.

5. Not being able to talk. I hadn’t thought of this until I read it on November’s Child’s blog. I am a chatterbox. I’m not sure how I could function if I couldn’t talk. It’s too scary to even contemplate.

6. All things horror. Horror movies, horror books, horror costumes. No thank you. If I were to try to read a horror book, I’d be so scared I couldn’t finish it, or go to sleep.

7. Closed or tight spaces. I can ride an elevator, but  I take a deep breath first and hope for the best. I refuse to ride in them if they are crowded. “People will scoot closer to each other and someone will say, “there’s room for one more.” Uh, thank you, no. I’ll wait.”

8. People who think it’s okay to get behind the wheel of a car after they’ve been drinking. I’ve been hit by one drinking driver, not an experience I care to repeat. Not drinking and driving is one of my soapbox stands.

There you have it, eight things that scare me.

What about you?

What scares you?

What do you do to fight the fear?

Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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About Nita

Quilter, writer, speaker, mom and grandmom. I enjoy making quilts for my grandkids, and other children. I especially love hearing and sharing quilt stories with others, that's how the book came about and this blog will continue to share quilt stories and how God works with quilts to comfort and teach us.
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6 Responses to Eight Fears – Part of the Ten Day “You” Series

  1. cemjr1982 says:

    Thanks for sharing about your fears Nita. I’m also afraid of very tight spaces. Having an MRI, especially a brain MRI, is tough. They put that cage around your face and my anxiety meter goes through the roof. I find that my faith in God is the best solution to my fear. I believe that God works all things together for good for those who are called according to his purposes. (Romans 8) I take it to the Lord in prayer and I find that he calms and quiets me. There are also times when a sedative is helpful in these acute anxiety situations.

    • Nita says:

      I agree, faith works wonders. Often before stepping into an elevator, or an airplane I say a quick prayer. I can’t imagine having an MRI. That would be an almost constant prayer for me. Thanks for stopping.

  2. Martha DeMeo says:

    The thing that scares me most is when my children or grandchildren are out and I can’t get them on the phone. I am such a worrier and love them so much, I always think the worse. I need to work on this.

    • Nita says:

      Martha, try reminding yourself that you will always be called if there’s a problem, so no contact means all is well. Not only is all well, but they are probably having a great time at whatever. I understand that fear, sometimes I share it with you. Thanks for stopping and sharing your fear.

  3. shalzmojo says:

    So glad to see you doing this challeneg too. I will go through all of your posts in a bit. I am also stumped by “not being able to talk” – that indeed is a very scary thought!! 😉

    • Nita says:

      Thanks for stopping. I love your answers, so figured it was a good way for people to learn about me.Yeah, the not talking thing, that just baffles me how I would survive. I live alone, but it doesn’t stop me from talking. Sometimes to inanimate objects.

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