Seven “Wants” for the About You Series


I want my children and grandchildren to always be healthy and happy. However, that is something I have no control over. I’m not sure I have any control over my other wants either, but here are seven of them.

1. Get a pilot’s license. There are a couple of drawbacks. First flying a plane is expensive, learning to fly can’t be cheap. However, the second drawback has more weight, cockpits are tiny. Not small, tiny. If you remember from my fears, I’m not a fan of tight places. Still, if I can overcome those two obstacles I think flying a plane would be fabulous.

2. Jump out of a perfectly good plane. Yes, I want to sky-dive. It’s pricey too, but I think I could manage that. The bigger issue is my doctor is hesitant to give me a clearance to sky-dive. Although, he has said, that when I get off my meds he’d consider it. Okay . . .

3.To be off of all my medicine. I’m not really taking that much medicine. Although, it’s more than I’d like.  Current opinion is that when I lose some (a lot) of weight, the medicine will no longer be needed.

4.To climb a rock wall. My doctor just smiled when I asked if there was any reason I couldn’t do that. Well, except for the fact that I’m overweight, and out of shape. Okay, to be honest, even when I was in good shape I doubt I could have climbed a rock wall. Don’t know why that wall is calling me, but it is.

5. To visit New England again. I was there a couple of years ago on a quilt tour. It was great. Would love to go back and spend more time in some areas, and visit places we missed.

6. Eat at Alma Nove, a restaurant in Hingham Massachusetts. Best I can figure Hingham is a suburb of Boston. I first learned about it several years ago watching an interview show with Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, the actors. Their mom, Alma came on camera and I loved her. Her attitude reminded me of my mother-in-law. So now, I want to visit that restaurant. I’m not sure who owns, or runs it, but Alma made me want to visit.

7. Dance. Yep, the white woman with no rhythm wants to dance. Not sure what kind of dance. Not break dance, I would break something. Maybe ballet, if I don’t have to get on my toes, or be lifted. When I was a kid I wanted to tap dance. That has promise. It’s as good a choice as any for Miss No Rhythm here.

There is the tip of the iceberg with seven things I want.

Answering ten questions for the “about you” series. Thanks to Shalini for the inspiration.

10-day-challenge-photoLinking up with The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

What’s one thing you want?

What is something you wanted as a child and still want?

What is something you never thought about wanting until recently?


About Nita

Quilter, writer, speaker, mom and grandmom. I enjoy making quilts for my grandkids, and other children. I especially love hearing and sharing quilt stories with others, that's how the book came about and this blog will continue to share quilt stories and how God works with quilts to comfort and teach us.
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4 Responses to Seven “Wants” for the About You Series

  1. Your list made me smile. The same person who goes on a quilt tour wants to sky dive—priceless! You couldn’t pay me enough to jump out of a plane, btw! 🙂 For me,I would say that I really want to spend some time in Europe.

    • Nita says:

      Glad to make you smile. I usually make my kids roll their eyes. Europe would be a good “want.” Hope you get to go soon.

  2. Kelly says:

    The top thing I want right now is to make a living doing what I love. I could teach your to belly dance, it’s fun and really good exercise.

    • Nita says:

      Kelly, I took a belly dancing class once. I liked it, not sure I did it right. But it was fun. That is a good dance for me. Thanks for stopping and suggesting it.

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