Five Foods



I try to be adventurous and sometimes I find I like a new food, other times, no. Here are six foods that were new to me when I married.


A sampling of a food.

1. Lamb chops – Even my husband had never eaten lamb. We live in cattle country. People here eat beef, or pork, we raise a lot of pork here too. There is the occasional vegetarian. When one of his students butchered his project lamb, he decided to share the meat. Oh gee, thanks. Neither of us was excited about it and we were both happy when the meat was gone. Several years later someone (probably another student) once again gifted us with some mutton. We re-gifted it to our friends Bill and Charlotte. They were ecstatic to get the meat, we were happy for them to have it.  This summer while visiting my cousin, his wife prepared lamb chops. I ate them, expecting to have a tough time, however, to my surprise they were good. I guess I just need the right person to prepare them. I won’t be cooking lamb anytime soon, but I might be more willing to try it when it’s offered.  

2. Okra. I never heard of the strange vegetable until moving to Oklahoma and meeting my husband. It can be boiled or fried, some people pickle it. Boiled okra is slimy and I’m not a fan, except when it’s in soup. Also not a fan of pickled okra, but then I’m not a pickle fan. Okra can also be sliced, dipped in batter and deep fried, or, sliced, rolled in cornmeal and pan fried. Either way its hot, crunchy, goodness can’t be beat

3. Lamb fries, calf fries, mountain fries, or mountain oyster. Whatever you want to call them my answer is, “no,” just no.  It’s not that they taste bad, they do NOT taste like chicken. It’s more they have no taste at all, just bland. The flavor is in the meal coating.  The dish is testicles sliced, rolled in cracker meal and fried. They are a staple in Oklahoma steakhouses. My daughter and I are always amazed that men seem to love them. Here is a video of them being prepared,  and a Chevy Chase clip.

4. Shrimp. Growing up my mother prepared blackened shrimp. Before blackened anything was popular. Needless to say I did not like shrimp. Until I met my husband. He introduced me first to deep fried shrimp. Oh. My. Gosh. I loved them. He had ordered them for himself, and I had ordered a burger. Good thing he liked burgers because poor man had to eat mine since he generously gave me his shrimp. Later I learned about cold cocktail shrimp, and grilled shrimp, even sautéed. Can’t go wrong with shrimp.

5. Calamari. Calamari goes on the same plate as lamb fries. No thank you. It’s not that it tastes bad. It’s that, like the lamb fries, it has no distinct taste, and is chewy. Not only had I not eaten calamari growing up. I didn’t try it until after he died and I was visiting my daughter’s family. My grandson loves calamari and offered me a taste of his order. Nice of him to offer, but I had no problem letting him finish off the order. Octopus and squid is found in the ocean. I live in Oklahoma, a landlocked state. Calamari isn’t local. I know, neither is shrimp, that’s different, don’t confuse me with logic.

There you have it, five foods that were new to me, until adulthood. How about you? Is there a food you were introduced to as an adult you’d never tried as a child?

Is there a food you didn’t like as a child but love now as an adult?

Is there a food you loved as a child, but now don’t?

Leave a comment. Let me know what you think of food.

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3 Responses to Five Foods

  1. vidyatiru says:

    i am vegetarian so 5/6 are ones i don’t eat on your list but okra is a favorite vegetable across India and i love it..

  2. Nita says:

    Vidyatiru, I would be a vegetarian except, I like meat. I didn’t know okra was a favorite vegetable in Indai. How do you cook it? Thanks for stopping.

  3. shalzmojo says:

    So glad to see you have caught onto this challenge. Loved your perspective on the foods.
    Shall go through n follow your posts on this. Cheers

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