Three Movies



Day eight of the “You” challenge, which means we are down to three films. I’ve thought about this a lot as I’ve been driving. For some reason this week has been full of travel.


Most of the movies I watch are on the television since I’m not big on going to movie theatres. Trying to think of movies to list, and finding a common thread was difficult. But I decided to use my husband as the connecting thread.

First up, LOVE STORY


The first movie we saw together at the movie theatre, LOVE STORY. With Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal. I had to read the description of the movie to remember most of it. My memory was of walking to the theatre. It was one of the few times we had money to spend. Most of our dates involved free activities. I’m going to say that time, and not the fact I was sitting next to my boyfriend is the reason I didn’t remember Oliver (O’Neal) finished college, or that he and Jenny (McGraw) got married.


I might be old, but I’m not old enough to have seen the 1939 classic starring Vivian Leigh s Scarlett O’Hara and Clark Gable as Rhett butler at the movie theatres. No, I saw it at home, on our television, which is what makes is special to me. When our local television station aired the show, my husband helped me get our kids bathed and in bed in record time. He poured me a glass of soda (back then I drank pop) and fixed us some popcorn before the movie started. After it came on if one of the kids needed something he handled it so I didn’t have to miss any of the movie. I enjoyed the movie, the story, the acting, the costumes, but mostly I enjoyed the pampering from my husband, which gives that movie a special place in my heart.

And finally, movie three: COAL MINER’S DAUGHTER


COAL MINER’S DAUGHTER, with Sissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones is the story of country singer Loretta Lynn’s life, based on her autobiography. We went to the movie with a group of teachers at their annual end-of-the-year dinner. Most years we just went out to eat then everyone went home. That year some of them wanted to do more, so party animals that we all were, we went to the movies. That movie was in 1980, it was the last movie we saw in the theatres. Like I said earlier, not a big movie goer.

What about you? Leave a comment about your movie experiences.

Do you go to the movies often?

What type of movie is your favorite?

What was the last movie you saw?

This post is part of the ultimate blog challenge.





About Nita

Quilter, writer, speaker, mom and grandmom. I enjoy making quilts for my grandkids, and other children. I especially love hearing and sharing quilt stories with others, that's how the book came about and this blog will continue to share quilt stories and how God works with quilts to comfort and teach us.
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7 Responses to Three Movies

  1. LadyInRead says:

    I have seen and like the first two movies (though not sure if among the top three for me).. havent heard about the third. will check it out

  2. Martha DeMeo says:

    I don’t watch TV much but I did see Gone with the Wind and Coal Miner’s Daughter, enjoyed both.

    • Nita says:

      Martha, I sometimes wish I’d seen Gone with the Wind on a big screen. But, I thoroughly enjoyed it on the television set. It seems like there were limited commercials. Of course, it was so long ago they may have had fewer commercials.

  3. Alice Gerard says:

    The last movie that I saw was “The Bucket List.” I borrowed the DVD from the library. That was quite good. If I had to pick my top three movies (and that would be challenging), I think that I would choose The Bicycle Thief, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, and Modern Times. I choose The Bicycle Thief because it is a beautiful movie about a father and a son who have to struggle to create a life for themselves. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg because it was very romantic. The images were soft and impressionistic, and all of the dialogue was song. Then Modern Times, mainly because of Charlie Chaplin and because it depicts a modern, impersonal world that Charlie Chaplin’s character cannot navigate. Also, I like it because it is silent and Charlie Chaplin tells his story by using his body.

  4. Nita says:

    Alice, thanks for stopping and sharing. Now I have to check those three movies out, they sound like three great evenings of entertainment. It took me a long time to watch The Bucket List. But when I finally did, I enjoyed it.

  5. Kelly Michelle says:

    The last movie I saw was The Dressmaker which is not my normal movie style and I’m not sure if I can say I liked it but I can say I wouldn’t want to watch it again. I’m more drawn to romantic comedies. I did like Gone with the Wind that I watch every so often because I have it on VHS and saw Coal Miner’s Daughter on t.v. and really enjoyed it.

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