Answer Journalism Questions to find Daily Gratitudes

Yesterday I did the who, what, when, where and how of gratitude, it’s here in case you missed it. I was tired, and not sure it all flowed together right.  However, my rule (when I don’t break it) is, “Better done than not.”

Today, let’s take those journalist prompts and find a gratitude or two.



Who are you thankful for in  your life?  You can be specific and name a person, or persons, Michelle, Cleo, Bryan (my children) or you can be more general, family, friends, neighbors. My favorite thing is to start with generalities and each day pick one person, and expand on the reasons that person makes me feel grateful. Doing individual gratitudes will take a month or more, still it’s nice to stop and consider why a person is a blessing.

For people we like and love this is most often simple. We can write, or remember three or four sentences that express how a particular person is a blessing. We can also write, or reminisce whole stories of their blessings. No rules.

birthday party at the gasebo

For those we feel have harmed us or hurt us in some way, finding a grateful heart for them is much more difficult. Being grateful is better for our health than being resentful. Which means it’s important for us to find a way to be grateful even for those we feel don’t deserve our blessings.

Remember, just because we acknowledge a person as being a blessing to us doesn’t mean we have to continue to associate with them, or have them in our life. Sometimes people are toxic to us and we need them away from us. We can be grateful we can remove ourselves from them, we can be grateful they showed us their toxicity, we can be grateful for the blessings they gave us before they became toxic to us.

Expressing gratitude is about us. the joy we receive from acknowledging our blessings spill over and enhance the lives of those around us.

What are you thankful for?

What do you have in your life you’re thankful for? Your car, your job, roads? Maybe you’re thankful for your hobbies, the supplies you have to enjoy them, as well as the feelings you have during and after spending time on your hobby. Our lives are full of “things” we can be thankful for.

If you struggle to find things to be grateful for consider, you have a home, it may be an apartment, a trailer (or recreational vehicle), a mobile home, a tent, or a house. Wherever you live, chances are you have a roof over your head, many people don’t.

You have clothes on your body, and more clothes stored away to wear at a later date.

Your living space may have indoor plumbing, it wasn’t always the case.

Outhouse Collage



When, what time period of your life was, or is being enhanced.

We all have times in our lives that leave an impression. A time period we are grateful to have experienced. If you’re old enough think about all the things that are available now that weren’t when you were a child. You can be grateful for the fancy new items. Remember when you played outside, and your parents didn’t have to worry? What kind of memories did you make then? What lessons did you learn? Remember listening to records? Remember records?

What about as a young adult? What happened in your life that made an impression on you that you can be thankful for? Maybe it’s the time when your children were born you are grateful for.

If you’ve been living life, there have been times in your life that made an impression or taught you a lesson. Times that may, or may not, evoke gratitude that time travel doesn’t exist.

Where. What places in your life are you grateful for?

This can be a particular place, the house where you grew up, grandma’s house, an amusement park you enjoyed or still enjoy. It can be something bigger, a town or an area, maybe a state or country.

We all have people, places, experiences, and everyday items to be grateful for. The challenge is to notice and acknowledge them.

Don’t forget on twitter you can list your gratitudes with the hashtags, #3dailygratitudes and simply, #dailygratitudes. Hope to see you there.



In yesterday’s post, here, I mentioned the Alphabet Challenge and someone asked about it. In April (I have no idea how many years it’s been going) a group of bloggers join together to blog Monday through Saturday (most years) in April. Each day they will blog about something in alphabetical order, bloggers can follow a theme or not, their choice. You can read more about it here.

This year I forgot to sign up but thought I’d piggyback the Alphabet Challenge with the Ultimate Blog Challenge. The plan was to blog about living life with intention, and share the posts with both challenges. Sounded like a good plan. It fell apart in execution. This time around I’m just doing one challenge, and somedays doing it is a major challenge.

How often to you express gratitude?

What is one place you’re grateful exists or that you’ve visited?

What is one event you’re grateful you participated in, even if you hope to never do it again?




About Nita

Quilter, writer, speaker, mom and grandmom. I enjoy making quilts for my grandkids, and other children. I especially love hearing and sharing quilt stories with others, that's how the book came about and this blog will continue to share quilt stories and how God works with quilts to comfort and teach us.
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3 Responses to Answer Journalism Questions to find Daily Gratitudes

  1. Alice Gerard says:

    Thank you for your gratitude post! For sure, I don’t express gratitutde enough. I am grateful for friends and family and for beautiful summertime weather. I’m thankful for the internet, and for the opportunity to share my story and photographs in a blog. Mostly, I am thankful to God for making me a human and not an annoying mosquito or fly.

    • Nita says:

      Thanks funny, and true, being grateful to be human and not an annoying mosquito or fly. Thanks for stopping and adding your gratitudes.

  2. Fran says:

    Gratitude is something I continue to deepen. When I connect to those ‘things’ I am truly grateful for the feeling is amazing. Thank you for sharing this Nita.

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