It is week two of the Ultimate blog challenge. Starting this week off with the letter:

letter H

The letter H has two words that assist in living with intention, except I’m not sure which one to use. They are: However and Happiness.

Going to go with However, because if we substitute HOWEVER for the word “but” the outcome is a happier us. Which means, HOWEVER leads to HAPPINESS.

How does however lead to happiness? How do we substitute However for but, and why?

Buts are obstacles, or excuses. For example, “I’d like to do a 5K, but I can’t run. I’m not in good enough shape.”

If we change that to HOWEVER, the word becomes a bridge, a beacon, or a way around the but obstacle. “I’d like to do a 5K, I can’t run that far, HOWEVER, I can walk a 5K.” Which I did last year.

I have a friend who used to paint, she has some beautiful pictures hanging in her home. Life conspired to keep her away from painting for too long. The other day she decided enough was enough and she wanted to paint again.

During our conversation she showed me ways HOWEVER helped her move forward toward her passion. There were several want-to-be obstacles trying to stop her.

OBSTACLE 1 – A Place to Paint

She pointed out she had no space for her big easel in her home. HOWEVER, she could set up her little easel on the kitchen table near the window, and work on a small canvas. Viola! A place to paint, and plenty of light. Obstacle overcome.

OBSTACLE 2 – Dried Paint

The paints may no longer be useable, it had been a long time since they were used. HOWEVER, if they were too dry to use that was a good reason to buy new paints, and experiment with some of the newer colors now available. Obstacle overcome.

OBSTACLE 3 – Brittle Brushes

But the paint brushes are so old, and haven’t been used in so long, what if the fibers fall out the minute she starts painting?  HOWEVER, if some of the brushes fall apart that’s a good opportunity for her to curate and dispose the old unusable ones. She said that she had more brushes than she needs, and this is a good way for her to decide which ones to eliminate. Obstacle overcome.

OBSTACLE 4 – Disappointing Result

But it’s been so long since she’s painted she isn’t sure she can paint anything worth while. HOWEVER, she pointed out, that if the first (or fifth) attempt doesn’t satisfy, it can be painted over and a new picture created. Obstacle overcome.


But, what if when it’s finished the painting is best used for kindling. The time spent paint will have been a waste. HOWEVER, regardless of the final outcome, it will be fun to play with no agenda, no goal.

By using the word HOWEVER, she turned around any obstacles her brain tried to throw at her. As a result she spent the afternoon dabbling and painting. At the end of the day she felt, happier, and more alive and able to tackle her next project and move toward her goals.

Have a goal with an seemingly unsurmountable obstacle or but?

How can you substitute However for the but?

What was the last obstacle  you overcame?

However equals happiness

About Nita

Quilter, writer, speaker, mom and grandmom. I enjoy making quilts for my grandkids, and other children. I especially love hearing and sharing quilt stories with others, that's how the book came about and this blog will continue to share quilt stories and how God works with quilts to comfort and teach us.
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