Laughter of Laverne DeFazio

Laverne LLaughter improves many aspects of our lives, and there are multiple ways to incorporate laughter into our daily living. One of the easiest is to watch, or listen to comedians, people who make a career out of brightening our days and helping us find our smiles.

Laverne DeFazio provided, and still provides with replays, laughter, and a unique look at life. Laverne, of course, was actress and director Penny Marshall who died earlier this week.

While I didn’t know the actress, Penny Marshall, celebrities, including actors have a private life, I did know Laverne. After all she was in my home with an original show every week for seven television seasons. She “visited” more often if the reruns are considered.

I wanted to be Laverne DeFazio when I grew up. Never mind that by the time she entered my life I was married and had three children. Laverne had a zest for living. She gave life one hundred percent. She enjoyed life.

Whether she was drinking Pepsi and milk (I shudder at the thought) or helping a friend, Laverne DeFazio enjoyed life. Her antics, similar to those of  awesome comedian, Lucille Ball, encouraged this mom to enjoy the gifts of life and to live with passion. Sometimes I succeed, other times not so much, but I keep trying.

Not knowing the woman Penny Marshall, I have no idea how much she and Laverne were the same. However, given that she a successful actress stepped behind the camera to try her hand at something new, directing, it seems she had the same zest and willingness to try different avenues.

Rest in peace Penny Marshall. I’ll look forward to seeing Laverne in reruns, or on YouTube. Thank you for the encouragement to live fully, and the laughter you brought into the lives of so many of us.

Did you watch the Laverne and Shirley show?

What celebrity (actor, comedian, singer, etc.) makes you laugh?

Do you have a favorite episode or scene from Laverne and Shirley?













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