Day 5 Blogging Challenges ABC and UBC

Here are some positive E words to embrace and use every day. While including each one every day might feel a little daunting, using at least one daily will help brighten your day and your life.
E is for . . .

EDUCATE – Learning something new keeps the brain active which helps prevent all sorts of problems, and helps keep us active. We can learn in all sorts of situations, classes are available in a variety of places, libraries, businesses, community classes at local colleges, some states offer regular college classes, without credit to those over a particular age.

Education doesn’t have to be in a formal sitting though, watching a tutorial video, or reading for pleasure can be educational. Fiction books include some fact that we learn when we enjoy the story. There are a variety of nonfiction books for learning, how-tos, biographies, histories, and cookbooks to name a few.

Learning doesn’t have to be planned. Your friend might tell you something you didn’t know. Kabam! You just increased your education level. I wrote about tracking the nuggets learned, here ,which reminds me I need to start another Book of Knowledge.


ENCOURAGE – Encouragement spurs confidence and builds people up. Try to encourage someone, including yourself every day. When others offer you encouragement relish the words, absorb the moment. Enjoy the feeling.

ENJOY – Enjoy the moment or the feeling of accomplishment after the moment. You may not find the joy in washing the dishes. After all, there is the scraping, the stacking, the running a basin of soapy water, the rinsing, the drying, the putting away. But then, look the kitchen is clean, the counters are clear of stacks of dirty dishes. It looks nice, and you did it. Enjoy the moment.

EXCELLENT – Not to be confused with perfection. Perfection is unattainable. We can have perfect moments, complete a task perfectly, or do a perfect job. Maintaining perfection on a regular basis though is difficult, gut-wrenching, stressful. Perfection is a result. It is a thing. Excellence is a state of mind, a way of being.

In the 1989 movie, BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE Bill and Ted have an excellent time as they go on an amazing expedition. While they are in dire straits, they are in danger of flunking school and one of them being sent to a military school, which would separate their band. While it’s a science fiction movie, and nothing f actual, the message to have an excellent experience is there. Have an excellent day.

ENOUGH – You are enough. You are the person you need to be for this moment in time at this place. Yes, you will change, you’ll learn things, you’ll go, you’ll change your opinion. All of that will come. For now, you are enough.

You Are Enough-Gerty Sunset

For now, that is enough for the positive words starting with the letter E. There are plenty more, and they can be explored another day.

Do you have a favorite positive E word?

About Nita

Quilter, writer, speaker, mom and grandmom. I enjoy making quilts for my grandkids, and other children. I especially love hearing and sharing quilt stories with others, that's how the book came about and this blog will continue to share quilt stories and how God works with quilts to comfort and teach us.
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6 Responses to Day 5 Blogging Challenges ABC and UBC

  1. CarolCooks2 says:

    Great words of encouragement good interpreting of the prompt 🙂

  2. And, E is for Entertaining. Just like this post.

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