Nature, Naps and Nurture

A to Z letter N.

The letter N has several good positive words to adopt and use. Today I’m focusing on three, Naps, Nature, and Nurture. 

NAPS – When my children were young they refused to nap after eighteen months. They would play in their beds, or sneak out the back door. I finally convinced them to just look at a book, or play quietly in their room. Some days their naptime was more for me than for them, I’m not sure they needed to recharge. As adults they sometimes look for ways to rest, if not actually nap.

We all need to recharge sometimes. Whether that means just sitting down, putting our feet up, drinking a cup of tea (or coffee) and enjoying the quiet, or actually lying on a bed (or couch) and closing our eyes. Taking a short break from the hustle and bustle of everyday with a short nap helps us be more.


Sometimes we get so tired we just fall down and take a nap where we are. Remember grandpa having his eyes closed while sitting and “watching television?” Everyone knew not to try and change the channel, because he would quickly inform everyone he was just “resting his eyes.” Actually, he was resting, taking a mini-nape but he heard the click of the channel changing knob.


Aristotle is quoted as saying, “In all things of nature

there is something of the marvelous.”

He was right. Sunsets, sunrises, snow topped mountains, deserts dotted with growth, everywhere we look in nature is beauty. Nature can soothe us, excite us, encourage us all be just being. It’s important to take a moment and appreciate the nature in our lives.

scenery in CO collage.

Nature indoors can help as much as that growing outside, especially if we can’t get out for some reason. When spending days at a hospital with a loved one, little splashes of nature can be especially soothing. Like these plants alongside the stairway in an OKC hospital. The indoor nature is nurting.

Nature in the hospital

NURTURE – The final positive N word for today is NURTURE. We all benefit from nurturing, we feel better when we nurture others and of course when they do it for us. Nurturing isn’t always taking care of someone, nurturing can be a simple as playing a game, or giving a hug. Take time to nurture yourself or someone else, it will make your day better.


Grandson's playing together

Play can be nurturing.

Since today is Earth day we can nurture nature by picking up trash, or planting a flower, picking up the dead leaves in a flower bed, or helping the earth in some way. Afterwards, take a nap and relax.

Do you think we are ever too old for naps?

Do you take a nap from time to time?

How do you enjoy nature?

Playing catch-up on the blogging A to Z challenge. Posting in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.




About Nita

Quilter, writer, speaker, mom and grandmom. I enjoy making quilts for my grandkids, and other children. I especially love hearing and sharing quilt stories with others, that's how the book came about and this blog will continue to share quilt stories and how God works with quilts to comfort and teach us.
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4 Responses to Nature, Naps and Nurture

  1. Dee Coxon says:

    A very relaxing and comforting read Nita. Love the pics of the children! I am restored by the ocean…. walking along the shore line and breathing to the ebb and flow of the tide brings me such peace and renewed energy. Being in the water both invigorates and relaxes me. Hubby says I must have been a mermaid in a former life. I do take naps yes. if i’m working and feel tired I’ll take a nap and then I return to it with much increased productivity.

  2. Martha DeMeo says:

    WOW, that brought back a memory of my grandfather. He would be in what looked like the soundest of sleeps but all we had to do is get up and head to the TV (no remotes in my day) to change the channel and he would yell out, “I’m watching that show!” As for me, no matter how tired I am, I can’t nap because I may sleep the entire night until morning!

    • Nita says:

      No remotes? You were the remote. Today’s kids have no idea what we mean when we say we changed the channels for our folks. Hope that was a smile inducing memory.

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