Excuses Create Walls Between Us and Our Dreams

Yesterday’s post gave me fits. First the computer wouldn’t play nice and let me write in my word processor. Next the internet gave me fits. Then the WordPress site didn’t format correctly. It was a bad night. I’d spent the day out of town at a meeting and was tired.

Finally, I gave up and went to bed, I needed to be up at 5 this morning. Didn’t want to still be working on the blog post by then. Last night my feeling was disappointment, I wasn’t going to get a daily post up for October for the Ultimate blog Challenge.

This morning my frame of mind was improved. First, I remembered the posts could be two in one day if needed. Cool. Second, I had a picture ready to go, it posted and now the blog is up-to-date, just needing a post for today.  And here it is.

A post about the walls we build in our lives. Invisible walls separating us from each other. However, I’m not very political so this is about our individual walls, the walls we put up to separate us from our dreams and goals, and yes even people.

Sometimes our walls start out as a little pebble.

Often it’s the word “can’t”. I can’t do whatever it is I’m wanting to do. Most often in the company of other supporting rocks.

We have two options when the rocks hurt our feet.

1.) We can gather them, the reason and the supporting rocks. Those that give us an excuse or a reason not to do whatever it is we want to do, or think we would enjoy. I can’t do this (rock one) because of that (rock 2) and (additional rocks.) We keep adding until we’ve built a rock wall that seems insurmountable.

2.) We can step over or on the rocks and proceed toward our goal stacking the rocks together to create a marker. A sign that we came that way, and moved ahead.

If the wall is already built, then it’s time to build a ladder to climb over it. Ladders are built just like the wall, one step, one rung, one action, one success  at a time.

I finally gave up and went to bed. I built a wall that prevented me from posting on the blog and preventing me from having a post for every day in October. That’s the goal of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, to have 30-31 posts at the end of the month.

So today I built a ladder to climb the wall.

Rung One, Posted a picture of a ladder on a wall.

Rung two:  This blog is going to have a post for every day, even if they aren’t actually posted on the day.

Rung three: Wrote a post for today.

Rung four: Schedule today’s post for later this afternoon, even though I will be away from the computer.

Rung five, okay, there were only four rungs. This wall was relatively short. Still, it could have stopped my dream/goal of 31 posts in October. Instead, I am still on track.

Which are you building, a wall, a ladder, or a marker?

What stands in the way of your dream?

What was the most recent “rock” you encountered and overcame?




Jicama and a Barbcue Place – Adventures in Food

Trying new foods is one of my “adventures.” Sometimes it’s food new to me, sometimes it’s a food prepared in a different way, or by someone who knows how to cook it, sometimes it’s a new eating establishment.

This month I have two food adventures to share. A new eating place, and a new food.

First up, Earl’s

Earl’s is a barbecue place in Edmond Oklahoma. I wish I’d thought to take pictures. It’s one of my cousin’s favorite places to eat and he treated me to lunch earlier this week when I had to be in the city.  The interior has a fifties vibe. The restrooms are labeled, Elvis (men’s) and Priscilla (women).  Inside the ladies room are large framed pictures of Elvis and Priscilla, one with them holding baby Lisa Marie.

The dining room has space between the tables so the guests aren’t crowded during the busy times, although we were lucky and were eating at an odd time, so the place wasn’t too busy. The tables are polished with just a little bit of texture remaining. Old license plates from around the country decorate the walls.

The food was good,  they didn’t skimp on the meat or the fries. Dessert was cobbler. I had blackberry, his mom had peach. They didn’t skimp on the servings there either. Mine might have been two servings somewhere else. No, I did not save part of it for later. Ate the whole thing then and there, and enjoyed it. I’m willing to go back next time he wants to go. I might even go by myself next time I’m in that part of the city.

Okra is a must

I first learned about Earls this summer with my cousins and I were traveling to California. We stopped at a barbecue place in New Mexico or Arizona and he was beyond upset that they didn’t serve okra.  I’m not sure New Mexico or Arizona knows about okra. Okra is served almost everywhere in Oklahoma and Texas, and I often order it, sometimes by itself.  I didn’t know okra was considered a staple side dish for barbecue. After all, I always have fries and or coleslaw. However, in his mind okra goes with barbecue, period. Which made it imperative for him that I eat at Earl’s so I could see how barbecue should be served.

It was a great day. Good food and good company.

A New Food

While I was in the city another friend asked me to pick up some   jicama. I thought she wanted it for her. But, since I won’t see her for almost two weeks, and we weren’t sure how long Jicama would last, it turned out it is for me. I hope I like it, I love saying the name “Hic a ma.” with a name that fun to say, it’s bound to taste good.

What is it?

According to the internet jicama is:  a Mexican yam bean or Mexican turnip. It is the edible tuberous root of a Mexican vine, jicama. According to the label on my purchase, and the nice man who helped me find it in the store, it is known as a Mexican potato.


Do you try new eating places often?

Do you try new foods often?

What was the last new dish you tried? Did  you like it?



Celebrate Life – Have Ice Cream for Breakfast


Life is a celebration. Sometimes, in the hectic day to day living or just trying to survive, we forget that. Today is Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. The idea is to celebrate the lives of children who are fighting cancer and honor the memory of those who fought and lost. It’s a great way to remember to celebrate life, ours and others’. Children come in all ages. Those who are chronologically young, and those who are young in heart and spirit.

Cancer survivor, Jared celebrating life with ice cream
Cancer survivor, Jared celebrating life with ice cream


However, I mixed my dates up and had ice cream for breakfast yesterday in celebration of ALL children who are, or have fought cancer. Even made a special trip to the store to buy ice cream, because I don’t keep it at the house. 


Choices, choices, so many ice cream choices.
Choices, choices, so many ice cream choices.

Since today is the actual Eat Ice Cream day, I once again celebrated with ice cream for breakfast.



Today I will celebrate life by spending time with my grandson. How will you celebrate life today?

Have you ever had ice cream for breakfast?

How about dessert first? Ever eat dessert before the meal?

Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

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Cyber Space – The New Final Frontier?


The New Final Frontier

Captain Kirk was wrong. Space wasn’t the final frontier. There is still new territory to explore. New territory we can explore from the comfort of our home. Cyber Space is the final frontier.

What’s in Cyber Space

Cyber space has everything. People who have the same interests and will visit and share ideas with you are in cyber space. People who will read your words, and be moved to action, are in cyber space. People who will encourage and cheer you on as you attempt something new can be found in cyber space. People who are available at all hours are in cyber space. People you already know and like, but seldom have a chance to connect with are in cyber space.

Cyber space is also filled with education, want to learn how to do an activity? Instructions can be found in cyber space. Want to know how to spell a word, or find a fact? Cyber space has the answer. Need someone to help you? They can be found in cyber space.

Be Brave

Try a new venture. Visit a new place. Share your knowledge. Venture into the final frontier. Let cyber space help you.

Do you try new things often?

Have you tried a new online social media activity?

What is your favorite thing about cyber space?

Share your thoughts in the comments. This post is part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Joining a challenge is entering a new frontier. Don’t be afraid. Try something new.


Let the Wild Child Out; Embrace Your Inner Rebel



After we had been married a lot of years, maybe 20 or so, I asked my husband what first attracted him to me.

He said, “I saw you walking down the sidewalk and you had writing on your jeans. I thought, I have to meet that girl who writes on her jeans.”

We were in college, it was 1971, girls did not write on their jeans. In fact, girls had just started wearing jeans in public, at least the girls in my world. I had a boring night class and wrote on the knee of my jeans to stay awake. Of course, the ink didn’t all come out in the wash.

I think I was intrigued with him because he was a bit of a rebel too. He was going to school to be an Agricultural teacher, but he wasn’t a cowboy. His hair was on the long side, and he had several shirts with the sleeves cut out. His music was eclectic, a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, and a little Motown.


There we were, two rebels hooking up in a straight-laced traditional world. We got married. He graduated college and got a job. We hid most of our wildness in an attempt to appear as if we were proper, responsible adults. He sometimes allowed his wild child to come out and play. I didn’t, I was afraid I’d never get her back under cover.

After he retired we talked about doing some out-of-the ordinary activities, but then he got sick. Which was definitely out-of-the-ordinary.

Once the fog began to life after his death, I let my wild child out by coloring my hair purple. I haven’t gotten her back in her box yet.

We continue to explore the unexpected. I’ve tried different colors for my hair. I even met a celebrity and had my picture taken with him when my hair was green.


No one color sticks, I keep coming back to the natural blonde/grey. My little cousin styled my hair for me, and we took a picture of the styling process.



A friend and I bought crowns, to reward ourselves with when we accomplish a goal. Sometimes we even wear them.

Not all of the wildness is outrageous, or visible to others. I wear mis-matched socks, on purpose. Sometimes I eat dessert first. When friends and I meet for our weekly lunch, I look for something different to order rather than the same thing every time.

I even have pictures of myself taken, or my wild child takes them. Then she shares them with others. Did you see the picture of me with my hair in my face?

My wild child appreciates that I look for ways to let her free. It doesn’t matter if my friends frown, because we didn’t do the expected, or my kids roll their eyes. What is important is that I live and enjoy life.

This is post 3 for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  


Do you ever give your wild child free reign?

What would you like to do but don’t because it’s not what an adult does?

What would happen if you did something out of the ordinary?

How can you embrace your inner rebel, wild child?

Let me know what you think in the comments.


Full Service Gas Stations Still Exist and Add to Road Trip Adventures

Yesterday on #Monday Blogs, Leslie at Nurture her Nature  posted about their encounter with a full-service gas station. Which reminded me, when my cousin/friend Teresa and I drove to California this summer we encountered one of those friendly dinosaurs.

We were driving along enjoying the scenery and lack of civilization in New Mexico when Teresa noticed we had about a fourth of a tank of gas left.


Now here in Oklahoma, and especially up where she lives near Oklahoma City, a fourth of a tank is no problem. We can drive for hours, because we know gas stations are plentiful and near.

However, in New Mexico we’d already driven past two exits that didn’t mention fuel. In fact as we neared those off ramps we wondered why they excisted. We couldn’t see any signs of civilization. We figured they must lead to houses, and maybe businesses out of sight. We opted not to be adventurous and follow them.

Finally, a sign boasting of fuel and food at the next exit. This was good. Not only did we need gas, but her son Jared was hungry. The gas station was closed, and looked like it had been for several months if not years. The road to it was torn up and closed. The stop wasn’t an entire loss.

We dug in the ice chest and snack bag to feed our famished male and enjoy a snack ourselves.

Back on the road we all three kept a sharp lookout for a gas station. Finally, we saw a sign for one. We pulled into the small station, and all of us wondered if there was any fuel in the tanks. Before we could get the nozzle off the tank a young woman joined us.

“How much?” she asked.

“Fill it up.” Teresa answered.


She graciously allowed me to take a picture of her pumping our gas. She told us her parents owned the station and she come into “town” to  help them out.

Just before we left I noticed a sign in the window, “bathroom $2.00 for non-customers.” I wish I’d taken a picture of that.

Do you remember the last time you used a full-service gas station?

Have you taken a road trip?

What is your favorite snack for a road trip?


Awesome April, Awesome Women

Awesome April. Winter is gone (we hope.) Flowers are beginning to pop up. It’s time to plant more flowers or vegetables. April is Awesome.

Well, except for the possibility of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or wildfires. However, we will let those slide for the moment and focus on the awesomeness that is April.

Because we, women, widows, moms, grandmoms, and sister are also AWESOME. April is the perfect time to acknowledge and affirm our awesomeness (could I get any more “a’s” in that sentence?)

April is the month of the A to Z challenge. Each weekday throughout the month of April, a myriad of bloggers  who have accepted the challenge will write a blog post about a subject beginning with a specific letter.

Day one is A, thus awesome. Day two will be B, day three C and so on until the end of the month.  Some bloggers will go random. However, even for a pantzer like me, that was too much “by the seat of my pants.” What if I couldn’t think about something using the letter of the day?

No, better for me to have a map of sorts. I have chosen to blog about ways we can acknowledge and appreciate our awesomeness as women and widows

Come along. You know you’re a fabulous (awesome) person.

To read more alphabet blogs go here.

This post is also a part of The Ultimate Blog Challenge.


What is something you enjoy about April?

What is one thing awesome about you?

What is one thing awesome about someone else that you appreciate?


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