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Discarding the Christmas Tree

I gave away my Christmas tree and don’t plan on replacing it. It started before Christmas when I decided to reduce the Christmas  collection, more about that in another post.  The story of my Christmas tree is really more of … Continue reading

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Share Your Halloween Stories with Family

It’s writing Wednesday. I know I’ve been lax about posting daily. One of these days I’m going to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and actually post every day. In the meantime I keep working at it, but that’s another post … Continue reading

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Sharing a Birthday with Cookie Monster and Healthy Eating Day

National Healthy Eating Day and Cookie Monster Day. Perfect combination, right? Healthy Eating day, of course, encourages eating foods that are “good” for us. Cookies don’t always fall in that category. Still, it’s a great combination. However, cookies can be … Continue reading

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Gratitude List of Gifts From Husband Helps The Holidays

I am a pantzer, I do things by the seat of my pants with little to no planning for a good reason; planning never seems to work. Something almost always changes “the plan.” One plan I have stayed with for … Continue reading

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Embracing Fall

Let’s find our own way to celebrate the coming of fall, and then of course, winter. Continue reading

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Thanks for the Memories

The ghosts, goblins, witches, and skeletons have all been taken down and stored away for another year. They left their hay bales, pumpkins, and scarecrows for our fall decorating. Here comes Autumn Here in the United States that means Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Beginnings are scary. Beginning school each year, married life, parenthood, life in a new location, beginning membership in a new organization, whatever starting something new, beginning is scary. A myriad of questions run through my mind What will happen? Will … Continue reading

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