Discarding the Christmas Tree

I gave away my Christmas tree and don’t plan on replacing it. It started before Christmas when I decided to reduce the Christmas  collection, more about that in another post.  The story of my Christmas tree is really more of a saga. However, here’s the short version:

When we were first married we had no tree. We had no money and we weren’t home through the holiday. He was in college, and school closed so we spent time with family.

Later we had kids, and a real tree. That lasted a couple of years before he bought a fake tree. I asked why.

He said, “Because you always want the tree up early and it’s too dangerous to have it up that long with lights on it. This way you can put the tree up when you want, and leave it up as long as you want.” Now that’s love.

Many years, and a couple of trees later, the taking down process included disposing of the current tree.

“What are you doing?” my husband asked.

“Throwing it away. It’s falling apart and does’t look good.”

“Oh, I guess that means I need to remember to buy a new one next Christmas?”


“You want a real one?”

“Nope. Going to decorate without a tree next year.”

He gave me that look husbands have when they don’t really believe what they’re hearing.

For several years decorations at our house did not include a tree. It’s really not that hard to decorate without a tree.

The year he died my kids wanted me to have a tree. So, I got a tree. In my grief I didn’t pay attention, I thought I was, but no I was not. I know this because the tree that came home with me was huger than huge.

As I assembled it, I knew, it was too large. With no time to make an exchange,  The assembly is another story for another day. Eventually the monstrosity was sort-of put together and shoved in a corner.

A couple of years later a friend and I traded. She took possession of that thing, and I came home with a nice little easy-to-assemble four foot tree. I used that tree for several years, and loved it.




But, it’s time had come.

Time for that little tree to leave my house. It went to live with my son and his family, they have three or four trees in different rooms of their home. The little tree will be comfortable there. I am happy. It’s all good.

Next Christmas I may get a live tree, or not.

One thing I know, the decorations are more for me than anyone else. After all, how many people come to my house and see them? Not very many. So that’s why the decorations should be something I enjoy and makes me smile. They are after all, for me.

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Share Your Halloween Stories with Family

It’s writing Wednesday. I know I’ve been lax about posting daily. One of these days I’m going to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and actually post every day. In the meantime I keep working at it, but that’s another post for another day.

Today, I’m going back to Writing Wednesday, and sharing stories about our significant other. Whether this will be a weekly or monthly topic is anyone’s guess.

Since Halloween just flew past, like a witch on her broom. Today’s prompt, tell about a Halloween you enjoyed with your partner. No need to limit it to one, tell as many Halloween stories as you want.

Most of our Halloweens were uneventful since we had children early, and Halloween revolved around them. Also, we lived in a rural area, so there we didn’t dress up or anything fun. Nothing like the fun I had last night with my new creative friends, who for the night were dubbed, Witches of Eufaula and a Tourist.

However, for our first Halloween, we bought the candy destined to languish in the bottom of the little goblins’ bucket long after they devoured the tastier candies. We bought the stuff no one, at least no kid, wanted. We had a game plan.

Buying candy we didn’t like, meant we were less likely to eat it and have to buy more. As students with little to no money, we preferred not to spend money on excess candy. Thus, we bought the stuff we didn’t like.

The problem? We lived in married student housing, most of the town kids didn’t come on campus to our apartments. Maybe other students had bought unappetizing candy and the kids learned the students weren’t a good source for treats. Since we were all college students, few of us had children. Those who were parents, had babies. Back then we didn’t take babies trick-or-treating.

The end result meant bottom-of-the-pile candy was our dessert or after-dinner-treat for far too many days. Lucky for us, his mom liked the hard candies, which we happily gifted to her.

The next year we bought the good stuff. Still no treaters, but at least we had good candy to munch on for a day or two.

After that he graduated and got a job, the kids came, and life changed. Most of our Halloween stories involve our children. I love remembering those first two Halloweens when we thought we were so grown-up, being fiscally responsible and frugal, yet at the same time prepared to hand out candy to the muchkins that didn’t come.

Did you and/or your spouse dress up for Halloween?

Have you dressed up recently?

What’s your favorite costume, one you’ve worn, or seen?

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Thursday’s Thought

Today’s thought is a Confusius quote:


“It does not matter how fast you go as long as you do not stop.”


Of course, nothing wrong with pausing to catch your breath and enjoy the view.



Do you have a favorite quote?


Did you ever quote Confusius or make up quotes for him?




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In the Beginning We Were Just a Boy and Girl


It’s Writing Wednesday, and today’s prompt is to write about meeting your husband, significant other.

I spent yesterday at the hospital while my son had a procedure. The day conjured up memories of when his dad was ill and in the hospital. Not memories I want to dwell on. So why not go all the way back to when it began? When we met.


We were both students at Murray State College. He was in his second year and I just started. My family had moved back to Oklahoma a few weeks earlier. For that and a variety of other reasons I stayed at the college most weekend. He went home unless he was working.

The first time I saw him was a Friday afternoon. I Peered over the partition separating the line of waiting students from those seated and eating, I looked for friends to join.

“No one here.” I glanced to see the owner of the deep timber voice and smiled at what I saw.

“Nope.” Just us two, I agreed.

We proceeded to get our food and join our respective friends, who were actually in the cafeteria.

A few days later I saw him again. Once more in the cafeteria. This time he was in the kitchen putting things away. When he saw me he grinned and began acting goofy. I laughed at his antics.

“Anybody know that cute guy working in the kitchen?” I asked when I joined my friends.

“Yeah, that’s David.” Someone said.

“Do you know him? Can you introduce us? What’s his last name?” I rattled off my questions.

“Yeah, I know him. Sure, I can introduce you. I’m not sure about his last name, it’s Bosure or something. French I think.”


A few days later she did introduce us, in a way. Several of us girls were playing with a Frisbee in the parking lot. In case  you don’t know, a Frisbee is a round plastic disk that is thrown and caught, or in our case, dropped. She threw it into the open door to the boys dormitory.

All four of us went to retrieve it. Several guys were sitting in the lobby area watching television. She invited the guys to come play with us, they declined. However, she did convince them to show us their dorm rooms, as though they’d be any different from ours.

Her ploy worked and a group of us, boys and girls traipsed down the hall to check out a couple of the cleaner rooms. When we headed back to the lobby area she managed to shepherd everyone ahead of David and I so we were left alone at the back of the pack.

We stayed together that day, and for 35 years.

At our daughter’s wedding reception, 34 years after meeting.

By the way, I later learned his last name was Beshear, and we aren’t sure if it’s French or German.

How did you meet your significant other?

Did you like him the first time you saw him?

Do you have a favorite memory from the meeting?




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See Oklahoma, One Step at a Time – Travel Tuesday Photos

Virtual Travel

As I mentioned in a previous blog, walking has become my exercise of choice. Most days I walk 2.5 miles, on a track. It’s boring. Oh sure, I get to watch the sun rise, beautiful.














And yes, I do have a walking partner most days. Still, to add some spice to the walk, why not “visit” some areas here. The plan is (there I go, trying to plan again) to post pictures and information about the town, community, or interesting landmark as, or after, I would reach them if I was truly walking toward a destination.

First up is Stuart. A small town now, community really, but at one time Stuart was the place to be, twoa bustling metropolis. First up is the hotel. Built in 1902 adjacent to the train depot.

Today the hotel serves at the town hall and is rented out for special gatherings, family reunions, weddings, anniversaries, etc.


Next to the hotel is a small park. Perfect for sitting and visiting with friends while children run and play.



Like many small towns and communities a memorial thanks the service men and women involved in conflicts from WWI to  the most recent.

 In addition, the Stuart memorial honors the Gold star mothers, mothers who had children who gave their all in service of the United States Armed Forces.








While Stuart had and has many good upstanding citizens, people who promote the town and help in any way possible, people who signed on the line to offer their lives for their country, we have had a few less desirable people visit. To house those persons, a jail was built. Constructed in 1918, it’s clear it hasn’t been used in several years.



















Stuart even has it’s own tag office.

Today, just as when the town was founded children are considered treasures and everyone watches out for them and does their best to keep the little ones safe.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Stuart one of many small communities dotting Oklahoma. They are especially prominent in the southeastern part of the state. Lucky for the residents they don’t have to walk everywhere or depend on horse and wagon or buggy since the large towns of Tulsa and Oklahoma City are about a two hour drive away. If we’d actually walked there from my home, at my slow rate, it would’ve taken us seven days.

Do you walk for exercise?

Do you have small communities where you live?

What’s your favorite thing in your town?



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Moving our Bodies Makes Travel More Accessible

It’s Movement Monday

At least that’s the original plan. To blog about moving our bodies, not our belongings.

One problem with this Pantzer planning, is she often goes off on tangents.  I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month and they often offer suggestions for blog posts. The suggestions, which are great and I sometimes go with them, seldom coincide with my blogging agenda.

Today however, the ideas almost mesh. My current schedule (when I follow it) is to blog about moving our bodies, otherwise known as exercise. The UBC suggestion is to blog about travel. There are a myriad of ways to incorporate travel into a blog. I’m going to combine travel and getting our bodies in motion.

Traveling to other places means we need to be in decent shape to fully enjoy the experience. A couple of years ago my family and I went to Silver Dollar City in Branson. I felt confident I could enjoy the outing.

Oops, no. I started walking, but soon realized a scooter was necessary to avoid a trip to the hospital. Not a good way to have an enjoyable time, for me or my family. So, I used the scooter, but was mortified of its necessity. Not a cool scooter like this either, an “old people scooter.” There is nothing wrong with those scooters and rides. They allow people to do many things they would otherwise miss out on. However, I felt like I was too young, and should be too healthy to use one of those scooters from need. Time to move my body and get in healthy shape if I wanted enjoy more of the outings with my family.


Clear indication I needed to exercise and get in some sort of shape. Which I started doing.

I started walking. At first less than a quarter of a mile. Don’t even ask how long it took to walk that short distance. Now, after several months of walking, I’m up to 2 1/2 miles in an hour and fifteen minutes. Not lightening speed, but it is an improvement.


Since I have plans to do more traveling, having a fit and healthy body will allow me to enjoy the full experience of wherever I go.

Now I have walked a couple of 5Ks, but that’s another post.

Do you do any exercise?
Where would you like to travel?
What is your favorite exercise when on the go?

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Sunday Afternoon Tea – When Technology Tries to Bite

Original plan – do a Facebook live and post it here afterwards.

Reality – Video looks like television reception from the sixties. No snow, but blurry and every changing picture. If it doesn’t improve it’s coming down.

There’s a lesson there and they remind me of some old sayings:

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. 

I know, yuck. Right? Who wants to skin a cat. Of course, the sentiment is, there’s almost always another way. That was true in this instance. I couldn’t do the Facebook live with my phone, for some reason the internet kept stopping. Even when in the house next to the router. Will have to find the answer to that problem. In the meantime however, I figured out that a Facebook live could be done on my computer. Found another way to skin that cat.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.

How many times have we heard that saying? That’s what happened today. Tried the phone Facebook Live, which I’ve done in the past, three or four times and it kept freezing up. Tried it on the computer and it seemed to work, although it starts out a little (lot) pixelated. Next Sunday will try again. Try, try, again.

It’s not over until it’s over.

The saying used to be different. But it referred to a robust woman singing a final tune. I tried wording it a little nicer. The meaning is the same, don’t quit until the round is over. Even if I hadn’t been able to do the Facebook Live today, as long as I kept trying I would eventually get it figured out. So, whatever you’re working on, don’t quit too soon.

I’m sure there are other lessons in today’s attempt, but three’s enough for now. I am posting the video below in the event it clears up when you click on it.

Have you tried something new recently?

When did you last do, or try to do, something that didn’t go as planned?

What adage would you add to the three I shared?

Sharing with the Ultimate Blog Challenge.



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