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Friday Food: Slow-Cooked Roast Served Three Different Ways

What did you eat this week? Anything exceptionally good? How about super easy? When I started this blog, this time, I thought I’d talk about fitness and food on Friday. I love alliteration. Let’s get real though, fitness isn’t going to make an appearance. At least it hasn’t so far. I’ll find another day to talk about exercise. It appears Fridays will be FOOD.

This week I thought I’d share how I served a roast several different ways. Cook once, eat multiple times. The roast in this case was pork roast, because that’s what’s in my freezer. The same thing can be done with any meat roast.


Before going to my critique meeting I put a roast in the slow cooker. Since I was running late (ha, normal for me) I didn’t take time to add carrots, potatoes, onion or celery. I just seasoned it with garlic powder, onion powder, and pepper, tossed it in the slow cooker with frozen roast juice from the last roast. Added the lid, turned it on (after making sure I’d plugged it in) and be-bopped to my meeting.

When I returned my roast was falling apart tender and ready to eat. Except, I wasn’t hungry. No problem. Since I’d used a cooking bag (I couldn’t find a slow cooker liner when I wanted them) to make clean-up easy, I just lifted the bag out of the cooker, twisted it shut, placed it in a bowl (in case there was leaking) and refrigerated the whole shebang.


I divided the roast and the juice into four serving size portions. Might could’ve done six, but I wanted to have enough.  Three portions were put in containers and replaced in the refrigerator. They could have been frozen, but since I plan to eat them this week there didn’t seem to be any point.

The juice of the remaining portion was thickened into gravy, the roast cut into smaller pieces and placed in the gravy to be warmed. A couple of potatoes were boiled and mashed. The roast and gravy was poured over the potatoes for a filling meal. No, there were no veggies, would have been better, but I didn’t.

Tuesday evening I reheated the roast and gravy and used it to top a baked potato. Easy and fast.



Another portion of the roast was used in a roast and veggie mix.  The original recipe called for macaroni shells. Since I didn’t have any I used egg noodles and a little cauliflower. Next time I’ll use all cauliflower. Also, I didn’t have any bread to go with it, garlic bread would have finished it off great. No need for extra veggies since there was cauliflower and tomatoes in the dish.


On Thursday I traveled to a livestock show to watch a couple of my grands show their pigs. I planned to stop at the store and buy some bread and cheese for what I was going to call a faux-philly cheesesteak. Big problem, the store burned down eight months ago. They are in the process of rebuilding, but for now the local  Dollar Store serves as an emergency grocery store. For their weekly shopping, residents drive to a nearby town.

Except, that town was 20 miles south, and I lived 20 miles north of where I was. I didn’t want to go in the opposite direction. I did the next best thing, I stopped at Dollar Store for bread, they didn’t have any cheese. At least not the cheese I wanted. So instead, for supper tonight, a basic roast sandwich with, meat, spinach, and avocado, using the newly purchased bread, with carrot sticks on the side was planned. However, by the time I was ready to eat, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich sounded like a better option.



Because I had another stock show this afternoon, this time a sheep show, and for two different grands, I choose to make it easy. For lunch a roast sandwich with roasted sweet potato wedges.


The rest of the roast went in a labeled freezer bag, along with the cooking juice. It will be used later for soup. I’d planned to make soup Saturday. However the temperature is predicted to be in the fifties. That is not soup weather to me.

That’s what was for dinner this week. Next week is anybody’s guess. 

What did you have for dinners this week?

Do you have meals in the freezer to go to on busy nights?

What’s your favorite go-to meal?

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Twelve Classy Insults from the Past

A lot of insults have been flying around on social media in the last few days, weeks, and months. Most of them boil down to, “if you don’t agree with me you’re an idiot.”

This got me to thinking about a time when insults, public and private, had a little thought behind them. In fact, my dad used to say that the best insult was when the person didn’t realize they’d been insulted. So, for your insulting pleasure, I bring you, twelve of my favorite insults from the past, insults with style. Enjoy. *s*


1. “He had delusions of adequacy.” – Walter Kerr

2. “He can compress the most words into the smallest idea of any man I know.” – Abraham Lincoln

3. “He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends.” – Oscar Wilde

4. “He is not only dull himself, he is the cause of dullness in others.” – Samuel Johnson

5. “He is a self-made man and worships his creator.” – John Bright

6. “He has the attention span of a lightning bolt.” – Robert Redford

7. A graceful taunt is worth a thousand insults.” – Louis Nizer

8. “I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.” -Clarence Darrow

9.        “I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn’t it.”-Groucho Marx

10.        “They never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge.” -Thomas Brackett Reed

11.        “He has Van Gogh’s ear for music.”-Billy Wilder

12.        “He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts… for support rather than illumination.” Andrew Lang


Linking up with the Ultimate Blog Challenge today. While insulting someone is never nice. Sometimes we just can’t keep our mouths shut. In those cases, if we can at least insult nicely, maybe feeling wouldn’t be hurt, friendships dissolved, and arguments started. Share your thoughts.


Did we used to be nicer when we insulted someone?

Do you have a favorite way of letting someone know when you’re unhappy with their actions?

Are any of these a favorite for you?



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Cyber Space – The New Final Frontier?


The New Final Frontier

Captain Kirk was wrong. Space wasn’t the final frontier. There is still new territory to explore. New territory we can explore from the comfort of our home. Cyber Space is the final frontier.

What’s in Cyber Space

Cyber space has everything. People who have the same interests and will visit and share ideas with you are in cyber space. People who will read your words, and be moved to action, are in cyber space. People who will encourage and cheer you on as you attempt something new can be found in cyber space. People who are available at all hours are in cyber space. People you already know and like, but seldom have a chance to connect with are in cyber space.

Cyber space is also filled with education, want to learn how to do an activity? Instructions can be found in cyber space. Want to know how to spell a word, or find a fact? Cyber space has the answer. Need someone to help you? They can be found in cyber space.

Be Brave

Try a new venture. Visit a new place. Share your knowledge. Venture into the final frontier. Let cyber space help you.

Do you try new things often?

Have you tried a new online social media activity?

What is your favorite thing about cyber space?

Share your thoughts in the comments. This post is part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Joining a challenge is entering a new frontier. Don’t be afraid. Try something new.


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One Picture – Final Post for Ten Day You Challenge




Day 10, I made it to the end of the 10 Day About “You” Challenge. This last suggestion is to post one picture of myself. EyeeeYiiiYiii.

This is the hardest prompt so far. I hate having my picture taken, and I wanted a picture that showed my playful side. I’ve already posted the picture of me having my hair restyled by my youngest cousin here. No point in reposting that.

There’s the before and after pictures of my haircut, but that’s actually four pictures. So, do I let my rebel out and post those? Then there’s the picture of me on a mini-bike.

My daughter-in-law’s sister took pictures for me for me to use online and for publicity. One of them is my profile picture, she’s a very good photographer. I wanted a picture on a motorcycle, because this year or next year I’m getting one. Except, no one had a motorcycle.

My grandson did have this mini bike that didn’t run. It sort of shows the fun side of me. It definitely shows the fat side of me. Big breath. Here it is:


Linking up with The Ultimate Blog Challenge. Thanks, to Shalini Baisiwala for inspiring me on her blog, Shalzmojo.

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Two Songs





Two songs. Really? I’m supposed to list just two songs? I can’t even confine my musical interests to two genres. These are both older songs, if you want recent go visit A Year in Music, he always has a good selection of music. However, since this challenge calls for two songs, today, my two are:


Honey by Bobby Goldsboro,

I’m not sure I was even in my teens the first time I heard that song. It made me cry then, it makes me cry now. I still love it.


The second song is a little more recent, but still “older.”


Islands in the Stream


Do you have a favorite song?


Do you have a song you don’t like?


Do you have a favorite genre?


Leave a comment, comments are like chocolate. Ummmmmm. Linking this post with Ultimate Blog Challenge.




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Three Movies



Day eight of the “You” challenge, which means we are down to three films. I’ve thought about this a lot as I’ve been driving. For some reason this week has been full of travel.


Most of the movies I watch are on the television since I’m not big on going to movie theatres. Trying to think of movies to list, and finding a common thread was difficult. But I decided to use my husband as the connecting thread.

First up, LOVE STORY


The first movie we saw together at the movie theatre, LOVE STORY. With Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal. I had to read the description of the movie to remember most of it. My memory was of walking to the theatre. It was one of the few times we had money to spend. Most of our dates involved free activities. I’m going to say that time, and not the fact I was sitting next to my boyfriend is the reason I didn’t remember Oliver (O’Neal) finished college, or that he and Jenny (McGraw) got married.


I might be old, but I’m not old enough to have seen the 1939 classic starring Vivian Leigh s Scarlett O’Hara and Clark Gable as Rhett butler at the movie theatres. No, I saw it at home, on our television, which is what makes is special to me. When our local television station aired the show, my husband helped me get our kids bathed and in bed in record time. He poured me a glass of soda (back then I drank pop) and fixed us some popcorn before the movie started. After it came on if one of the kids needed something he handled it so I didn’t have to miss any of the movie. I enjoyed the movie, the story, the acting, the costumes, but mostly I enjoyed the pampering from my husband, which gives that movie a special place in my heart.

And finally, movie three: COAL MINER’S DAUGHTER


COAL MINER’S DAUGHTER, with Sissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones is the story of country singer Loretta Lynn’s life, based on her autobiography. We went to the movie with a group of teachers at their annual end-of-the-year dinner. Most years we just went out to eat then everyone went home. That year some of them wanted to do more, so party animals that we all were, we went to the movies. That movie was in 1980, it was the last movie we saw in the theatres. Like I said earlier, not a big movie goer.

What about you? Leave a comment about your movie experiences.

Do you go to the movies often?

What type of movie is your favorite?

What was the last movie you saw?

This post is part of the ultimate blog challenge.




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Four Books, Day Seven



Four Books

Today is day seven in the, “Ten Posts about You” series. Day seven is to share four books.

Nope, not going to happen. The rebel in me is coming out. Instead of four books, I’m going to share four authors I enjoy reading.


Nonfiction is my first love for writing, curling up with a fiction book is my relaxing pleasure, which is why I’m sharing four fiction authors. These four authors create characters I enjoy spending the day with, even if it means no housework gets done.

Tammy Hinton  


photo via Tammy Hinton.

Tammy is a member of Women Writing the West, and Western Writers of America. Guess what she writes? Yep, western/historical. Her first book, UNBRIDLED was based, loosely on her ancestor’s story from when they settled in Indian Territory, now Oklahoma. RETRIBUTION followed and is the story of a young woman looking for peace after the civil war. JUDAS STEER, is a modern day western/mystery.  Her newest story, SHE-DEVIL JUSTICE goes back to the 1860s. Tammy is a member of the McWriters Critique group, which is where I met her.


Mariam Kobras

Photo via Mariam Kobras

I first “met” Mariam online. She had decided to try writing the stories in her head. I fell in love with the characters, Naomi and Jon in her first book, THE DISTANT SHORE. A contemporary story. It might be considered a romance, but for the most part it’s just a good book.She didn’t lose her writing mojo in her subsequent books,UNDER THE SAME SUN (book two in the Stone Trilogy),SONG OF THE STORM (book three in the Stone Trilogy) THE ROSEWOOD GUITAR (prequel to the Stone Trilogy) and, WAITING FOR A SONG (prequel 2 to the Stone Trilogy) I had the lucky opportunity to meet Mariam when she traveled to the United States last year.

Rhonda Gibson

Photo via Rhonda Gibson.


Rhonda is a contemporary romance writer I met last year when she was visiting her mother and dropped in on the McWriters. Rhonda has written too many books to list, you can find them all here. Whether, historical, mystery, or contemporary, Rhonda always includes romance. I bought several of her books when she was here, all were historical and enjoyed each one of them.

Marcia Preston

Photo via Marcia Preston.

Marcia is an Oklahoma author, her first two books were: SONGS OF THE BONES and PERHAPS SHE’LL DIE, were mysteries. She then moved into mainstream books: THE WIND COMES SWEEPING, a story about two women, and their strength, TRUDY’S PROMISE, a mother abandons her child to protect him, then moves heaven and earth to get him back, THE BUTTERFLY HOUSE, the story of three women, connected by friendship, family secrets, and an incident that binds them together, THE PIANO MAN, a story of life. This book has a special place in my heart because one of the characters is the recipient of a donated heart. I have one of my grandsons today because of the generosity of another family and a donated organ. Sad to say she is also a widow. When her husband died she pulled away from writing for a couple of years. To the delight of her fans she is back at her computer sharing the stories that make us laugh, cry, veg out, or think. Her newest book will be available soon and she’s back to sharing her writing knowledge. She will be one of the two featured speakers at the Fiction Writers Retreat in June.

There you have it. Four authors among the hundred or so I enjoy.

Who is your favorite author?

Is there a book you enjoy rereading?

What is one of your favorite books?

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