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Oklahoma to Virginia and Back in One Day

In theory, it’s possible to make the trip from Oklahoma to Virginia and back in twenty-four hours, especially if you fly. However, it wouldn’t be my preferred way to travel or visit another area. At one time Tuesday’s on this … Continue reading

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10 Winter Wonderful Things

The other day someone asked, “what’s your favorite thing about winter?” My knee-jerk reaction was, “nothing. There is nothing good about winter.” I am a summer girl. I prefer the heat to this bone crunching cold any day. However, I … Continue reading

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Jumping into Life

As the year begins to wind down the realization strikes that I am not even half-way through the “Living with Intention Alphabetically” series. Time to get busy and get serious to finish of the alphabet by the end of the … Continue reading

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Challenges, Challenges, Challenges, Why Take a Challenge?

It’s time again for the Ultimate Blog Post Challenge. I have participated in this challenge upteen times (I don’t know really) and have finished it maybe three times. I keep getting off track. Sometimes life gets in my way, a … Continue reading

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Gather Your Courage and Go, Meet New People and Make New Friends, A Step-by-Step

As a child my family moved numerous times. Which means I don’t have a lot of friends from my youth. After my husband and I settled in one locations, for twenty-six years, long-standing friendships developed. Friends who were like family. … Continue reading

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Focus is For Serious Business, Or Is It?

Focus is not serious and stuffy all the time. When I started to write this post that’s where it was headed, stuffy and serious. And then, I got lost. Okay, not so much lost as turned around. My daughter likes … Continue reading

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Enjoy Today and Live a Fuller Tomorrow

I’m all mixed up. Tried doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge, posting daily. Every. Single. Day. Needless to say, that plan got botched. Also tried to do the A to Z challenge. Again, botched. However, there is no rule that says … Continue reading

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