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Raw Food Experiment

After a recent visit with my new doctor, one of the joys of rural living, the doctors move on, anyway, he mentioned a raw food diet. No, he wasn’t suggesting I do one. Good thing. This guy is young, young … Continue reading

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When the Toaster Oven Doesn’t Toast

What do you do when your toaster oven stops working? Most people would discard it and buy a new one. Most people. Not me. No sirree bob, I left that sucker sitting on my counter for over a year. Maybe … Continue reading

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Jicama and a Barbcue Place – Adventures in Food

Trying new foods is one of my “adventures.” Sometimes it’s food new to me, sometimes it’s a food prepared in a different way, or by someone who knows how to cook it, sometimes it’s a new eating establishment. This month … Continue reading

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Black Eye Pea Patty – Another Way to Serve The Dried Pea

Beans, beans good for your heart Beans, beans at the mart Beans, beans good for your heart Beans, beans in your cart.   Ok, that’s not how that little ditty goes. But, the words I learned as a child, and … Continue reading

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What’s for Dinner?

The third time’s the charm. Right?   If not, don’t tell me. Because here I go, trying a Monday Menu List one more time. The first time was a complete bomb. I don’t think I prepared or ate any of … Continue reading

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Menu Monday

  Fellow writer, California Girl, and friend Dee, from Life with Dee, has inspired me to do Menu Monday Posts. It’s possible that with the Monday Menus I’ll make some of the recipes I keep collecting.  Remember, I said “possible” … Continue reading

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Taco Treat

My treat for me today is a taco. Because it is TACO DAY.  Today I will be meeting with a friend for lunch and decided to treat myself to a food I enjoy but seldom order, a taco. Not just … Continue reading

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Fuel for Fitness

In days gone by those older than me allowed me to hang with them. Nowadays, thanks in large part to the internet, it’s the young’uns who let me hang with them. Like those young, fit, healthy folks that run with … Continue reading

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Two for Tuesday

Did you know that July is National Blueberry Month? At least according to Brownielocks it is.  It makes sense, in many states July is the end of blueberry season. Luckily, frozen blueberries are almost as good as fresh. Did you … Continue reading

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Five Ideas for Being Nice to YOU

“Be nice.” Ever heard that? Ever said that? Ever said that to yourself? Of course, you probably said “yes”  to all of the above. We hear it as children, “be nice to our siblings, be nice to our friends, be … Continue reading

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