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Virtual Travel

As I mentioned in a previous blog, walking has become my exercise of choice. Most days I walk 2.5 miles, on a track. It’s boring. Oh sure, I get to watch the sun rise, beautiful.














And yes, I do have a walking partner most days. Still, to add some spice to the walk, why not “visit” some areas here. The plan is (there I go, trying to plan again) to post pictures and information about the town, community, or interesting landmark as, or after, I would reach them if I was truly walking toward a destination.

First up is Stuart. A small town now, community really, but at one time Stuart was the place to be, twoa bustling metropolis. First up is the hotel. Built in 1902 adjacent to the train depot.

Today the hotel serves at the town hall and is rented out for special gatherings, family reunions, weddings, anniversaries, etc.


Next to the hotel is a small park. Perfect for sitting and visiting with friends while children run and play.



Like many small towns and communities a memorial thanks the service men and women involved in conflicts from WWI to  the most recent.

 In addition, the Stuart memorial honors the Gold star mothers, mothers who had children who gave their all in service of the United States Armed Forces.








While Stuart had and has many good upstanding citizens, people who promote the town and help in any way possible, people who signed on the line to offer their lives for their country, we have had a few less desirable people visit. To house those persons, a jail was built. Constructed in 1918, it’s clear it hasn’t been used in several years.



















Stuart even has it’s own tag office.

Today, just as when the town was founded children are considered treasures and everyone watches out for them and does their best to keep the little ones safe.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Stuart one of many small communities dotting Oklahoma. They are especially prominent in the southeastern part of the state. Lucky for the residents they don’t have to walk everywhere or depend on horse and wagon or buggy since the large towns of Tulsa and Oklahoma City are about a two hour drive away. If we’d actually walked there from my home, at my slow rate, it would’ve taken us seven days.

Do you walk for exercise?

Do you have small communities where you live?

What’s your favorite thing in your town?




Moving our Bodies Makes Travel More Accessible

It’s Movement Monday

At least that’s the original plan. To blog about moving our bodies, not our belongings.

One problem with this Pantzer planning, is she often goes off on tangents.  I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month and they often offer suggestions for blog posts. The suggestions, which are great and I sometimes go with them, seldom coincide with my blogging agenda.

Today however, the ideas almost mesh. My current schedule (when I follow it) is to blog about moving our bodies, otherwise known as exercise. The UBC suggestion is to blog about travel. There are a myriad of ways to incorporate travel into a blog. I’m going to combine travel and getting our bodies in motion.

Traveling to other places means we need to be in decent shape to fully enjoy the experience. A couple of years ago my family and I went to Silver Dollar City in Branson. I felt confident I could enjoy the outing.

Oops, no. I started walking, but soon realized a scooter was necessary to avoid a trip to the hospital. Not a good way to have an enjoyable time, for me or my family. So, I used the scooter, but was mortified of its necessity. Not a cool scooter like this either, an “old people scooter.” There is nothing wrong with those scooters and rides. They allow people to do many things they would otherwise miss out on. However, I felt like I was too young, and should be too healthy to use one of those scooters from need. Time to move my body and get in healthy shape if I wanted enjoy more of the outings with my family.


Clear indication I needed to exercise and get in some sort of shape. Which I started doing.

I started walking. At first less than a quarter of a mile. Don’t even ask how long it took to walk that short distance. Now, after several months of walking, I’m up to 2 1/2 miles in an hour and fifteen minutes. Not lightening speed, but it is an improvement.


Since I have plans to do more traveling, having a fit and healthy body will allow me to enjoy the full experience of wherever I go.

Now I have walked a couple of 5Ks, but that’s another post.

Do you do any exercise?
Where would you like to travel?
What is your favorite exercise when on the go?

Dance/Exercise Video adding to Clutter

I’ve been on the go these last few days which left little time for decluttering. Still, a deal is a deal and one thing a day must leave this house.

Today’s item is small, with a big impact. Okay, maybe not, the possibility for a big payoff existed. IF the product had actually been used. It was opened. That’s it, opened. I bought a dance video last year (or earlier) thinking, “this could work.” After all, it was a dance video, dancing is fun, dancing is exercise, I like dancing, dancing would help move pounds off my body.


There were several problems with this dance video, never mind the fact it featured Dancing with the Stars champion, Julianne Hough. No, the problem wasn’t the instructor.

I take that back, it was a little about the instructor, but not her skills, or ability to dance or teach dance. No, my issue is the same for her as most other exercise teachers.

• They are lean machines. There is not an ounce of fat on these people. How in the world can they relate to me, who has many, many ounces of fat?
• Their bodies are sculpted. Mine is plush.
• Their muscles are ripped and ready to roar. Mine are sitting on a lounger watching others move.
• They easily bend, stretch, and reach for the sky. I creak, crackle and groan when exerting.
• They do moves I’ve never seen, much less done.
• There is almost always someone doing the “modified” version. Noooooo, the modified is maybe 10 seconds slower and two inches easier than the featured move.

Exercise videos are designed, in addition to making money for the star of the video, to help a person drop pounds and get healthier. That only works if the video is put in the player, and the actions followed.

Since I’ve never managed to put my body in motion, even a little like Julianne, or any other exercise instructor, I might (might, I say) have watched it, but never actually did the moves there is no reason to keep it. I will keep walking outside. That seems to be the one exercise I do on a regular basis.

Have you ever kept something you bought for a specific purpose, only to find you didn’t like it?

Do you have an exercise video you like?

What is your favorite exercise?

Joining Ultimate Blog Challenge. Check them out for some interesting bloggers posting on a variety of subjects.


Workout Wednesday – Exercise to Stay in Your Home

Welcome to my ever-changing world.


In our family we often say my brother wakes up in a different world every day. Well, I guess I do too.

When I started this blog, and then when this challenge came along, Wednesday was for devotions. Even had one written for today when I changed my mind.

Wednesday is now Workout Wednesday. Not sure how long this title will last, we will see. Working out, exercising, moving more than we sit is vital. Especially as we get older. Two of my friends demonstrated this last year.

Bessie and Opal (not their real names) are both in their early seventies. Both had mobility issues. Opal was already using a walker and Bessie had a cane. Both women knew they needed to exercise, even in a limited way.


Bessie began taking short walks. At first she walked through her house a time or two. Soon she moved to walking to end of her driveway then out to her garden. Each day she went one or two steps further.

Opal said, “I know I need to exercise, but if I walk outside it’s embarrassing to just walk a few feet and sit down to rest.”

When she was encouraged to walk in her house she replied, “I don’t know how far I’m walking.” She didn’t walk at all. She frowned at the suggestion of doing exercises while sitting. She signed up at a gym, but quit going when she over-exercised and hurt the next day.


In the meantime, Bessie kept moving one step more each day. Until the day came when she didn’t need the cane. She continued pushing forward gently. By Spring she was able to go out and work in her garden for an hour at a time.


Both ladies are super nice, and would do anything to help someone else. Bessie did something for herself and took action to be able to remain in  her home and enjoy her garden. Opal is still in her home, but she has mentioned that the time could come when she’d have to move where there is help available for her.

Like Bessie and Opal, I want to stay in my own home and be able to function. In fact, if I just had to use a walker I’d have to move. My house is not handicapped accessible and would be costly to make it work.

I started slow, walking, then added yoga and stretching. Right now I’m up to 5,000 steps a day, 10,000 is the goal.

Since this is National Letter week, how about writing a letter to your exercise, or accountability partner, your trainer (if you have one,) your gym owner. I think I’ll write one to the town of Allen. They have a walking trail that’s the perfect distance and in the right location for me to use  when returning from town.




Do you exercise?

What is your favorite exercise?

What is your favorite time to exercise?








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Fitness Friday


Ever since I “won” a trip to the city, in an ambulance, because my heart wanted to do its own dance, I have worked on eating healthier and moving more.


Too bad my body has been more stubborn than me and has held on to the fat and excess weight.

Enough already. I bought a generic step counter to measure my walking. It is surprising how few steps I take in a day. Moving hands across the keyboard, or sewing, doesn’t count.

If you need, or just want, to add more moving and exercise to your life I hope my struggles will encourage you. My current exercise regimen includes, walking, with or without company, yoga once a week, and modified pushups. Come along and exercise with me.


I will post my successes (or failures) here each Friday. If the weight ever drops, I’ll let you know that too.

Although, even with the weight clinging on, I have noticed that the extra movement has helped my breathing.

Funny, turns out that breathing aspect is super important.

Also, I am able to do more things now. So the exercise is helping, I just wish it would carve the weight off faster.

This week’s report:

Friday (9/30/) – 1 mile walk (more or less)

Saturday (10/1) – 6000 steps

Sunday (10/2) – 1 mile walk

Monday (10/3) – 1 mile walk, 20 modified push-ups

Tuesday (10/4) –1 mile at the Allen walking track, after a writing class, and lunch with a friend.

I thought 3000 steps was a mile. However, when I walked the 1 mile track I was short several steps. When I got home, I remeasured what I thought was my one mile route.

Next time I walk the track, I’ll see how many steps exactly (or more or less) makes up a mile.


Wednesday (10/5)- 6000 steps. Most of it at the fair with lots of rest stops. Also about a half hour of yoga. Class is an hour long, but I have a hernia which was giving me problems. Still, some yoga is better than no yoga.

Thursday (10/6) – 3000 steps, bad day. At least I got one mile in. Thank goodness for the ladies at Toastmaster. After the meeting we went for a walk which helped me get my steps in.


Do you have an exercise routine?

What is your favorite way to exercise?

What helps motivate you to exercise?


Day 7 of the UBC (ultimate blog challenge)



State Fair Field Trip

October is national field trip month.

Did you take field trips when you were in school? I remember a few. Most of them were supposed to be educational in addition to entertaining. Not sure how much we learned when we visited the bakery. But, the smells of the vast loaves of yeast bread  remain in my memory files.


Maybe that’s why the food I gravitated to yesterday was the soft pretzel.

My field trip yesterday included a trip to the fair where I watched my granddaughter show her sheep and goats.


Afterwards I meandered through the exhibit halls where the 4H and FFA students projects were on display. Amazed, as always, by the skill and creativity of the students.

Patio Table seen at Tulsa State Fair 2016.jpg

Like this patio table made by a group of FFA students (I forgot which chapter)

Bird feeder Tulsa State Fair 2016.jpg

And this unique bird feeder made by one student. I wonder if this design deters squirrels from the bird seed smorgasbord?


And this holiday sign made by the Okemah FFA. I wonder if I could talk them into making me one? Wouldn’t it be pretty at night with lights around it?



Of course I had to take a picture of the tractor on display since my son collects them. No, the students didn’t build this, but they did restore it.


As I was leaving I ran into my adopted granddaughter who had been there showing her pig. I’m sorry I missed her showing, but it was great seeing her and getting my hug.

On my way home I stopped at yoga class, no pictures of that and went by to visit with my son and his family for a few minutes.

All in all a great field trip day.


When was the last time you took a “field trip,” just for fun, or to learn something?

Is there a place or event you’d like to visit?

What was the last field trip you took?