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A Look Back, Preparing for the Second Quarter of the Year

Today is the last day of the first quarter of the year. Taxes are due next month, in two weeks actually. Now is a good time to look back at the last three months and do a progress check. Am … Continue reading

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A New Food to Add to a Healthy Diet

It’s Fitness Friday and part of fitness is eating healthy. Last week I bought Jicama again when I bought it before, it went bad before I got around to trying it. This time I wanted to be sure and eat … Continue reading

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Follow the Leader, Finding New Blogs to Follow

  Today is day five of the Fall Cozy Challenge and the prompt is “Favorite Follow.” So why not play Follow the Leader? I’ll start and share some of the bloggers and Facebook people I enjoy following. You can share … Continue reading

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See Oklahoma, One Step at a Time – Travel Tuesday Photos

Virtual Travel As I mentioned in a previous blog, walking has become my exercise of choice. Most days I walk 2.5 miles, on a track. It’s boring. Oh sure, I get to watch the sun rise, beautiful.       … Continue reading

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Moving our Bodies Makes Travel More Accessible

It’s Movement Monday At least that’s the original plan. To blog about moving our bodies, not our belongings. One problem with this Pantzer planning, is she often goes off on tangents.  I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month and … Continue reading

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Overcoming the Wall of Doubt

Instead of building a wall of reasons why we can’t, let’s try building a ladder to scale that wall of doubt.

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Dance/Exercise Video adding to Clutter

I’ve been on the go these last few days which left little time for decluttering. Still, a deal is a deal and one thing a day must leave this house. Today’s item is small, with a big impact. Okay, maybe … Continue reading

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Workout Wednesday – Exercise to Stay in Your Home

Welcome to my ever-changing world. In our family we often say my brother wakes up in a different world every day. Well, I guess I do too. When I started this blog, and then when this challenge came along, Wednesday was … Continue reading

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Fitness Friday

  Ever since I “won” a trip to the city, in an ambulance, because my heart wanted to do its own dance, I have worked on eating healthier and moving more. Too bad my body has been more stubborn than … Continue reading

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State Fair Field Trip

October is national field trip month. Did you take field trips when you were in school? I remember a few. Most of them were supposed to be educational in addition to entertaining. Not sure how much we learned when we … Continue reading

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