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Workout Wednesday – Exercise to Stay in Your Home

Welcome to my ever-changing world. In our family we often say my brother wakes up in a different world every day. Well, I guess I do too. When I started this blog, and then when this challenge came along, Wednesday was … Continue reading

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Fitness Friday

  Ever since I “won” a trip to the city, in an ambulance, because my heart wanted to do its own dance, I have worked on eating healthier and moving more. Too bad my body has been more stubborn than … Continue reading

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State Fair Field Trip

October is national field trip month. Did you take field trips when you were in school? I remember a few. Most of them were supposed to be educational in addition to entertaining. Not sure how much we learned when we … Continue reading

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Monday Menu Plan

Here we go again. Attempting the Monday Menu. According to Yoda, from Star Wars (I had to look it up, I’m not a Star Wars person, but I’d heard that quote) there choices are: “do or do not do, there … Continue reading

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Yoga Benefits

At first I planned to do inspirational (I hope) or entertaining memes for Wednesday. However, tomorrow seems like a much better day for that. Who knows, I may change it again. In the meantime, what to write about and post … Continue reading

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Spinning, spinning, spinning

Ever feel like your life is one big running exercise? You try to hurry, you do, but you feet feel like they are in cased in mud or cement? Do you feel like your world is spinning out of control? … Continue reading

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Be Nice to You Day

Today is, “You Matter To Me day.” A great idea, to let others know how much they matter to us. And of course, it’s always good to hear how much we matter to others. Part of showing ourselves how much … Continue reading

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