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Open To The Possibilities

Have you ever known someone who flat out refused to consider a different option or way to do something? Raising my hand here. How about you, ever dug your heels in and said, “no way,” and refused to consider a … Continue reading

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Travel for One, Is Always Fun

A couple of years ago I colored my hair green. The reactions of my family members was not mixed, no one liked it. One son asked, “why is your hair green?” My answer? “Why not?” I also added, “Because I … Continue reading

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  It is week two of the Ultimate blog challenge. Starting this week off with the letter: The letter H has two words that assist in living with intention, except I’m not sure which one to use. They are: However … Continue reading

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Hobbies Are More than Fun, They Are Beneficial

Do you have a hobby you love. Have you spent time enjoying your hobby recently, or have you neglected it for too long? At the beginning of this year while reviewing last year, and making resolutions, goals, whatever, it occurred … Continue reading

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Gather Your Courage and Go, Meet New People and Make New Friends, A Step-by-Step

As a child my family moved numerous times. Which means I don’t have a lot of friends from my youth. After my husband and I settled in one locations, for twenty-six years, long-standing friendships developed. Friends who were like family. … Continue reading

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Traveling Near and Far, Making New Friends, Seeing Old Friends

“See the USA in your Chevrolet.” Remember that jingle, or are you too young? No that’s not a Chevrolet we’re filling, but we were on a road trip and the gas station attendant was filling our tank. When was the … Continue reading

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Answer Journalism Questions to find Daily Gratitudes

Yesterday I did the who, what, when, where and how of gratitude, it’s here in case you missed it. I was tired, and not sure it all flowed together right.  However, my rule (when I don’t break it) is, “Better … Continue reading

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