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No Isn’t Just For Children, Say No To Your Inner Negative Self

Have you read one, or more, of the hundreds if not thousands of articles or heard a podcast about the beauty of saying “no?” These pieces all encourage women to say no when their first reaction is to say yes … Continue reading

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Breathe Life into Your Life

Day Two for Living in the moment tips; Breathe Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? After all we all breathe every day. We take air in, and blow it out. We don’t even think about it. A couple of years ago … Continue reading

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Let the Wild Child Out; Embrace Your Inner Rebel

  After we had been married a lot of years, maybe 20 or so, I asked my husband what first attracted him to me. He said, “I saw you walking down the sidewalk and you had writing on your jeans. … Continue reading

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Black-Eye Peas; A New Year’s Day Tradition Revived

Did you have Black-eye Peas yesterday? Did you have cornbread, greens, and/or rice with your peas? Eating the peas on January 1, is a tradition that dates back to the Civil War. There wasn’t a clear explanation, or any explanation … Continue reading

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Starting the New Year on a Note of Happiness with a Happiness Jar

Starting out the New Year on a note of happy. Whether this is your first full year without your spouse,  or another year without your mate, you can assure yourself a happy ending with a happiness jar. I learned about … Continue reading

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