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Favorite Fitness Gear?

Exercise? Work-out? Those words should be banned from use. The problem exercise helps us stay healthy. Let’s face it, being healthy and physically fit means we can stay in our own home. At least that’s true for me. The capability … Continue reading

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Painting a Brighter Future

The choices were staggering. Not only colors like, blue, green, teal, pink, and yellow, beige, eggshell, but variations and combinations of them to choose from. Hundreds of colors, and I had to select just three. Kitchen was easy. Yellow. I’d … Continue reading

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Writing to Heal

When my husband was first diagnosed a friend suggested I journal. She and I were after all writers. Isn’t that what writers do? Write? Why? I asked. So, you’ll remember,” she said. Yeah, guess what. I didn’t think I’d need … Continue reading

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Three Tips on Finding Time for You

Everyone has twenty-four hours in a day. Many of us have those hours stuffed to the brim. How in the world are we supposed to find more time? Time to be frivolous? Time for us? Some tips for finding “me” … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to Be Selfish

In a previous post here, I talked about taking time for yourself. Today the question is, “how does taking “me” time help me?” Here’s the thing, our heart and emotions need time to rest and recuperate, just as our bodies … Continue reading

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