Moving our Bodies Makes Travel More Accessible

It’s Movement Monday

At least that’s the original plan. To blog about moving our bodies, not our belongings.

One problem with this Pantzer planning, is she often goes off on tangents.  I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month and they often offer suggestions for blog posts. The suggestions, which are great and I sometimes go with them, seldom coincide with my blogging agenda.

Today however, the ideas almost mesh. My current schedule (when I follow it) is to blog about moving our bodies, otherwise known as exercise. The UBC suggestion is to blog about travel. There are a myriad of ways to incorporate travel into a blog. I’m going to combine travel and getting our bodies in motion.

Traveling to other places means we need to be in decent shape to fully enjoy the experience. A couple of years ago my family and I went to Silver Dollar City in Branson. I felt confident I could enjoy the outing.

Oops, no. I started walking, but soon realized a scooter was necessary to avoid a trip to the hospital. Not a good way to have an enjoyable time, for me or my family. So, I used the scooter, but was mortified of its necessity. Not a cool scooter like this either, an “old people scooter.” There is nothing wrong with those scooters and rides. They allow people to do many things they would otherwise miss out on. However, I felt like I was too young, and should be too healthy to use one of those scooters from need. Time to move my body and get in healthy shape if I wanted enjoy more of the outings with my family.


Clear indication I needed to exercise and get in some sort of shape. Which I started doing.

I started walking. At first less than a quarter of a mile. Don’t even ask how long it took to walk that short distance. Now, after several months of walking, I’m up to 2 1/2 miles in an hour and fifteen minutes. Not lightening speed, but it is an improvement.


Since I have plans to do more traveling, having a fit and healthy body will allow me to enjoy the full experience of wherever I go.

Now I have walked a couple of 5Ks, but that’s another post.

Do you do any exercise?
Where would you like to travel?
What is your favorite exercise when on the go?


Give Yourself a Compliment

When was the last time you  complimented yourself? You compliment others don’t  you? Tell someone they look nice.  Someone has a good idea and you comment on it, or does something nice and you compliment them for their manners, both are a form of complimenting. But you? When was the last time you complimented you?

When did you last tell yourself you looked nice, hot even, in that favorite outfit? You prepare a meal for one, and enjoy it, did you compliment the chef? You get the bills all paid, on time or even early, did  you compliment yourself on a job well done? So many opportunities during the day to compliment ourselves and we let them slide by.

In fact, instead of complimenting we often put ourselves down. We don’t acknowledge how nice we look, just remind ourselves we’re too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too, too, too. When in fact, we look great.

Other opportunities often  also ignored. For today, whenever today is, how about making a pact to give yourself a compliment at least three times just because. Also, vow to give yourself a compliment every time you catch yourself being negative to you.

In case you need some help with compliments for you, here are a few that spell W-I-D-O-W


You didn’t get to the age you are without learning a few things. Wisdom you are willing to impart to others as well as knowledge you use each day. Knowledge that helps you complete your day and reach your goal. You are wise, acknowledge and embrace that aspect of you.


Are you aware how you impress others with your skills and talents? Do you garden, sew, paint, write, clean house, do floral arrangements, listen, babysit, take photos, care for dogs, visit shut-ins, volunteer? Whatever you do is impressive. Not only to those who watch and are in awe, but those who are affected by your talents. They enjoy the fruits of your labor. Compliment yourself of your impressiveness instead of finding fault with your endeavor.

D – Daring



Women in general are daring, not walk on an airplane daring. Although there have been women wing walkers, as well as women pursuing other bold feats. No, simpler actions can be just as daring. Walking into the boss’s office and asking for a raise is not for the weak. Pointing out an error on a bill takes courage. Stepping outside when all you want to do is crawl back in bed is daring. What daring action are  you taking today? Don’t forget to compliment yourself on following through.





O – Opinionated/Original


Yes we have opinions. From breast feeding in public to gun control, and everything in between, we have an opinion. We share our opinions in many ways, speaking out to family, friends, strangers, writing our views in letters to the editor, to our legislature, or in our journal.  We are also original, a one-of-a-kind work of art. No one sees anything quite like we do. Celebrate your originality and opinions.



While we are serious wise women, with strong opinions, we are also whimsical. We build fairy gardens, and create wonderland yards for holidays. We color our hair green or purple. We wear our favorite jewelry while doing housework. When you find yourself being whimsical, congratulate and compliment yourself.



Giving yourself a compliment is good for your mental health. Try it.


When was the last time you complimented yourself?

Will you find a reason to compliment yourself today?

What is your favorite compliment, to give or receive?

Sometimes We Just Have to Start Over

Starting over. Again.

That seems to be something I’m good at, starting over. How about you? have you tried something. Attempted to  implement a plan only to find yourself faltering after a few hours, days, weeks, maybe months?

No fear. Simply start again. Don’t worry about where, when, or why you stopped. Start again.

I don’t always restart a project. Sometimes after I get into it, I realize it isn’t the right project. Maybe it isn’t right for now or for the reason it was started. Why isn’t really important, knowing it isn’t what I should be currently working on. It’s a project that needs to be put away, or handed off to someone else.

This blog is not one of those projects. I believe in it, and believe it has value. That hasn’t kept it from being abandoned. In fact, it has been restarted so many times I can’t even count. It’s had different hosts. It’s had different names and focus. Even now, with the focus to help widows, and others find and pursue their dreams to create their diamond life I’ve struggled with what and when to post.

Back in July, during the last Ultimate Blog Challenge, the planned posts were about decluttering and what was leaving the house that day. The decluttering lasted all month, the posting didn’t. Then, I never got back to posting and this poor blog was left, abandoned.

This month I’m starting, again. Once again, I’m also using the Ultimate Blog Challenge to kick-start my posts and keep me going all month and into next month. That’s the plan. I also have a posting plan, a list of themes or ideas of what to write and post about each day. Now there’s a scary thought, a pantzer (someone who does things by the seat of her pants) attempting to plan. We will see how it goes.

The current “plan” is to post on different themes or ideas each day of the week:

Sunday – Tea Time – With any luck this will be a video, also posted on Facebook. Today’s: New Foods:

Monday – Moving our bodies and exercise

Tuesday – Virtual travel, come and travel around Oklahoma with me.

Wednesday – Prompts and ideas for writing your story.

Thursday – Quotes

Friday – Food, yes, I know I talked about food today on Tea Time, but these will be posts about easy, inexpensive, foods we can prepare

Saturday – Leisure Time, What do you do on your day “off”? Ideas, suggestions, and hopefully some interaction.

There you have it. My restart and plan for the month. See you tomorrow and we’ll discuss exercise an eight-letter word that usually means “yuck.”

Do you have a project you’ve restarted, or are planning to restart?

What helps  you restart a project you believe in?

Have you abandoned a project because it wasn’t the right time, or the right activity for the time?

I look forward to hearing from you. Please leave a comment.











Dance/Exercise Video adding to Clutter

I’ve been on the go these last few days which left little time for decluttering. Still, a deal is a deal and one thing a day must leave this house.

Today’s item is small, with a big impact. Okay, maybe not, the possibility for a big payoff existed. IF the product had actually been used. It was opened. That’s it, opened. I bought a dance video last year (or earlier) thinking, “this could work.” After all, it was a dance video, dancing is fun, dancing is exercise, I like dancing, dancing would help move pounds off my body.


There were several problems with this dance video, never mind the fact it featured Dancing with the Stars champion, Julianne Hough. No, the problem wasn’t the instructor.

I take that back, it was a little about the instructor, but not her skills, or ability to dance or teach dance. No, my issue is the same for her as most other exercise teachers.

• They are lean machines. There is not an ounce of fat on these people. How in the world can they relate to me, who has many, many ounces of fat?
• Their bodies are sculpted. Mine is plush.
• Their muscles are ripped and ready to roar. Mine are sitting on a lounger watching others move.
• They easily bend, stretch, and reach for the sky. I creak, crackle and groan when exerting.
• They do moves I’ve never seen, much less done.
• There is almost always someone doing the “modified” version. Noooooo, the modified is maybe 10 seconds slower and two inches easier than the featured move.

Exercise videos are designed, in addition to making money for the star of the video, to help a person drop pounds and get healthier. That only works if the video is put in the player, and the actions followed.

Since I’ve never managed to put my body in motion, even a little like Julianne, or any other exercise instructor, I might (might, I say) have watched it, but never actually did the moves there is no reason to keep it. I will keep walking outside. That seems to be the one exercise I do on a regular basis.

Have you ever kept something you bought for a specific purpose, only to find you didn’t like it?

Do you have an exercise video you like?

What is your favorite exercise?

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Celebrate Life – Have Ice Cream for Breakfast


Life is a celebration. Sometimes, in the hectic day to day living or just trying to survive, we forget that. Today is Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. The idea is to celebrate the lives of children who are fighting cancer and honor the memory of those who fought and lost. It’s a great way to remember to celebrate life, ours and others’. Children come in all ages. Those who are chronologically young, and those who are young in heart and spirit.

Cancer survivor, Jared celebrating life with ice cream
Cancer survivor, Jared celebrating life with ice cream


However, I mixed my dates up and had ice cream for breakfast yesterday in celebration of ALL children who are, or have fought cancer. Even made a special trip to the store to buy ice cream, because I don’t keep it at the house. 


Choices, choices, so many ice cream choices.
Choices, choices, so many ice cream choices.

Since today is the actual Eat Ice Cream day, I once again celebrated with ice cream for breakfast.



Today I will celebrate life by spending time with my grandson. How will you celebrate life today?

Have you ever had ice cream for breakfast?

How about dessert first? Ever eat dessert before the meal?

Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

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Seven “Wants” for the About You Series


I want my children and grandchildren to always be healthy and happy. However, that is something I have no control over. I’m not sure I have any control over my other wants either, but here are seven of them.

1. Get a pilot’s license. There are a couple of drawbacks. First flying a plane is expensive, learning to fly can’t be cheap. However, the second drawback has more weight, cockpits are tiny. Not small, tiny. If you remember from my fears, I’m not a fan of tight places. Still, if I can overcome those two obstacles I think flying a plane would be fabulous.

2. Jump out of a perfectly good plane. Yes, I want to sky-dive. It’s pricey too, but I think I could manage that. The bigger issue is my doctor is hesitant to give me a clearance to sky-dive. Although, he has said, that when I get off my meds he’d consider it. Okay . . .

3.To be off of all my medicine. I’m not really taking that much medicine. Although, it’s more than I’d like.  Current opinion is that when I lose some (a lot) of weight, the medicine will no longer be needed.

4.To climb a rock wall. My doctor just smiled when I asked if there was any reason I couldn’t do that. Well, except for the fact that I’m overweight, and out of shape. Okay, to be honest, even when I was in good shape I doubt I could have climbed a rock wall. Don’t know why that wall is calling me, but it is.

5. To visit New England again. I was there a couple of years ago on a quilt tour. It was great. Would love to go back and spend more time in some areas, and visit places we missed.

6. Eat at Alma Nove, a restaurant in Hingham Massachusetts. Best I can figure Hingham is a suburb of Boston. I first learned about it several years ago watching an interview show with Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, the actors. Their mom, Alma came on camera and I loved her. Her attitude reminded me of my mother-in-law. So now, I want to visit that restaurant. I’m not sure who owns, or runs it, but Alma made me want to visit.

7. Dance. Yep, the white woman with no rhythm wants to dance. Not sure what kind of dance. Not break dance, I would break something. Maybe ballet, if I don’t have to get on my toes, or be lifted. When I was a kid I wanted to tap dance. That has promise. It’s as good a choice as any for Miss No Rhythm here.

There is the tip of the iceberg with seven things I want.

Answering ten questions for the “about you” series. Thanks to Shalini for the inspiration.

10-day-challenge-photoLinking up with The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

What’s one thing you want?

What is something you wanted as a child and still want?

What is something you never thought about wanting until recently?


Getting to Know You – Ten Day “You” Challenge

 Shalini, who I met through the Ultimate Blog Challenge, has been doing a 10 Day “You” challenge. I’ve been following and thinking, ‘what a great idea.’ Which is why I’m following her lead.

10-day-challenge-photoToday is day one (or ten, since the challenge counts backwards) and secrets. I’m not sure they’re “secrets,” but here are ten things not everyone knows about me.

1.           I am the mother of three, and the grandmother of six. I don’t think that’s any big secret. But you might not know it.  They are seldom all in the same place at the same time, but they were last summer and I got a picture to prove it.


 3.  Growing up, my family moved, a lot. Often just changing houses in the same town. When changing houses, we also managed to change school districts. I went to nine different schools. And swore when I got married I would live in one place. Hmm, In the first four years of our marriage my husband and I moved eight times before we stayed in the same place for 26 years.

    4. I am involved with Quilts of Valor and love making the presentations. Even if tears are involved.

thomas-leonard-and-wife-with-his-qov    5. I am a little bit of a rebel, again, no big secret. I like to do things just a little bit different.

    6.  In the past couple of years my hair has been in part, purple, pink, and green I don’t do unusual color anymore, because it seems everyone else, of vintage age, is doing it.

    7. I’m not a fan of online shopping.

    8.  My dream house is a cottage style house with a beach and the ocean on one side and a garden with a patio on the other side. Of course, with someone to take care of the garden.

    9. I love notebooks and journals and have several. They are very hard to pass up, and they’re not expensive. Much as I love buying them, I don’t like writing in them because then they are “messed up.” It takes me several tries to actually use a notebook or journal.

    9.  I was not a fan of the Beatles and became a fan of the Monkees almost in self-defense. After all what self-respecting teen-age girl of the sixties did not like the newest, coolest, rock and roll?


  10. I know how to shoot, I haven’t gotten my concealed permit yet. Mostly because I don’t want to. I’m happy knowing how to handle the gun, and knowing I could use it if needed. When I was in high school a friend and I would go shooting a couple times a month. I don’t shoot as much now and I just have a pistol, although I prefer a rifle. Which is funny to me because in high school I shot a pistol. Go figure.

george-and-nita-in-pickup-with-riflesThere you have it. Ten secrets that really aren’t all that secret. Thanks to Shalini and the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


What is one thing few people know about you?

Where is your dream house located?

Have you ever colored, or thought about coloring, your hair an unusual color?


Leave a note in the comments and let me know what you think.