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Eight Fears – Part of the Ten Day “You” Series

I try hard not to be afraid, or think about what scares me. If I don’t think about is frightening, and it happens, that’s when I’ll figure out a way to muddle through.  For example, I wasn’t afraid of my husband … Continue reading

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Life is Full of Love – 9 Loves for the 10 Day “You” Challenge

Nine loves. I guess I could cheat and just say my kids and grandkids. Except then I’d have to leave my three “in-loves” out.  Rather than leave anyone out I will share nine other loves. 1. Fabric. Prints, solids, textured, … Continue reading

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Healthy, Easy to prepare, Inexpensive Snack Foods

Snacks. Most people love them. They should be a food group all their own, proteins, fruits, vegetables, grains, fats and snacks. Right? No, not only do they not have their own food group, wrong, just wrong. We are told snacking, … Continue reading

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The Book of Education, Tracking Our Wealth of Knowledge

Raise your hand if you remember the board of education. I don’t mean the one made up of people who made rules and paid the bills for the school. This one was about twelve inches long and  five or six … Continue reading

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Reasons to be Grateful

It’s Thankful Thursday across the internet.   Gratitude seems to be a buzz word these days. People blog about it, tweet about it, mention it on Facebook, they may even take pictures of it for Instagram. The word and idea … Continue reading

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Never To Old for Stuffed Animal Comfort – A Devotion

Day four of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Whoo-hoo I’m on a roll.  One of the goals is to post a devotion once a week. Wednesday is that day. The Bible verse comes from the King James version for two reasons: … Continue reading

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Let the Wild Child Out; Embrace Your Inner Rebel

  After we had been married a lot of years, maybe 20 or so, I asked my husband what first attracted him to me. He said, “I saw you walking down the sidewalk and you had writing on your jeans. … Continue reading

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