Sunday Afternoon Tea – When Technology Tries to Bite

Original plan – do a Facebook live and post it here afterwards.

Reality – Video looks like television reception from the sixties. No snow, but blurry and every changing picture. If it doesn’t improve it’s coming down.

There’s a lesson there and they remind me of some old sayings:

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. 

I know, yuck. Right? Who wants to skin a cat. Of course, the sentiment is, there’s almost always another way. That was true in this instance. I couldn’t do the Facebook live with my phone, for some reason the internet kept stopping. Even when in the house next to the router. Will have to find the answer to that problem. In the meantime however, I figured out that a Facebook live could be done on my computer. Found another way to skin that cat.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.

How many times have we heard that saying? That’s what happened today. Tried the phone Facebook Live, which I’ve done in the past, three or four times and it kept freezing up. Tried it on the computer and it seemed to work, although it starts out a little (lot) pixelated. Next Sunday will try again. Try, try, again.

It’s not over until it’s over.

The saying used to be different. But it referred to a robust woman singing a final tune. I tried wording it a little nicer. The meaning is the same, don’t quit until the round is over. Even if I hadn’t been able to do the Facebook Live today, as long as I kept trying I would eventually get it figured out. So, whatever you’re working on, don’t quit too soon.

I’m sure there are other lessons in today’s attempt, but three’s enough for now. I am posting the video below in the event it clears up when you click on it.

Have you tried something new recently?

When did you last do, or try to do, something that didn’t go as planned?

What adage would you add to the three I shared?

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Widow Fighting for Justice for her Deceased Husband and Others


Finding a new normal. Creating a new life. Both are part of a widow’s reality. What happens when the past can’t stay in the past? What happens when the widow must repeatedly revisit the time of her husband’s death? Can we help her?

via Cincinnati Enquirer

That is the reality for Cheryl Cole-Candeleresi, Cincinnati, Ohio. She’d been married only two years to her high school sweetheart, David Cole, when he was murdered in 1974. Two men were convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of the police officer and National Guardsman, making Cheryl a widow.

In the late seventies, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the Ohio death penalty unconstitutional. At that time, all those Ohio inmates who had been sentenced to death had their sentences commuted. Since Ohio did not have a “life sentence without parole” option then, the men automatically became eligible for parole hearings.


  The first time the men convicted of killing the police officer came up for parole, no one from David Cole’s family, the police department, or the prosecution’s office was notified. Because Cheryl didn’t know about the hearing, she didn’t testify, and with 50 letters sent in on behalf of the first man, he was released. Later the Supreme Court simply said that a mistake had been made in not notifying those concerned with the case.

Once Cole’s widow, learned about the parole hearing and the first man’s release, she began her campaign to keep the other man behind bars. Every few years she has to repeat the process.

When an inmate has a hearing and parole is denied, the board must then set a timeline for the next appeal. The longest time allowed is ten years.

The last time the inmate came up for parole; over 9000 letters were sent in urging the parole be denied. In addition, Cheryl and others testified in person. Retired Police Lieutenant Steve Kramer believes the more letters the parole board receives, the more likely the convicted man will stay behind bars and have his length of time before the next hearing extended. Cheryl and others will testify before the parole board on February 13 and his hearing will be in March.

She has remarried, has children and grandchildren. She said, “I’m lucky to have a family that supports me through all of this.”

To help support Cole-Candeleresi and the police of Ohio, go to the parole board page,  and leave a comment encouraging the parole board to both deny his parole, and give him another ten years before he can apply again. As Cheryl Cole-Candeleresi said, “we need justice for David and safety for everyone else.”




Here I usually ask my readers to leave a comment with their opinions. However, today, I’m urging you to go to the website above, before February 13, and encourage the Ohio parole board to deny this man’s release.




The original story can be found here:










Learning From Other Bloggers and a Short Story Review

One advantage of doing a blogging challenge is the opportunity to meet other people and visit with them via their blogs. Another advantage is the easy learning. Just the other day while cruising around blog-land, reading blogs that are part of the Ultimate blog challenge, I learned about the “Deal Me In” short story reading challenge. Since:

1). I love to read and

2). I haven’t read enough in recent months, I thought, why not?


Vidya Tiru, also known as Lady in Red, at My R and R Space, shared the reading challenge on her blog. Since I’m just now learning about the challenge (where have I been?) I don’t know if I can officially be part of the challenge or not, but I can follow their guidelines for my own challenge if necessary.


The idea is to make a list of 52 books, then assign each one a playing card value. Each week draw a card and read the corresponding story. Sounds easy enough. With any luck my list of stories is here. Concentrating long enough to read one short story shouldn’t be too hard.

At first I wasn’t going to take the time to assign a card to each story. However, at the last minute I did because it will make the reading order truly random. Except for the first story.

This story was already on my Kindle, and I hadn’t assigned cards to the stories yet, so I guess you could call this one a wild card or bonus. As part of the challenge we can write a review on our blog or not, the choice is ours. Very casual and easy going, this challenge. I have opted to do reviews, because authors not only like reviews, they need them.

Although, with short stories, the review will be short and sweet because I don’t want to give anything away. The goal is to post the reviews here every Saturday. We’ll see how long this lasts.

AMORE by Jennifer McMurrain

As the name suggests, this is a love story, a slice of life love story.  It’s easy to forget this is just a fictional story with the emotional pull and vivid descriptions. Jennifer McMurrain did a wonderful job of sharing a heartfelt story of love.

Jennifer is a member of Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. which is where I met her. She’s a prolific writer living in north east Oklahoma with her husband, daughter and a couple of fur babies. More of Jennifer’s writing can be found on her author page. Linking up with the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Do you read for pleasure often?

Do you prefer short stories or articles or books?

Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction? Share your thoughts in the comments.  





Twelve Classy Insults from the Past

A lot of insults have been flying around on social media in the last few days, weeks, and months. Most of them boil down to, “if you don’t agree with me you’re an idiot.”

This got me to thinking about a time when insults, public and private, had a little thought behind them. In fact, my dad used to say that the best insult was when the person didn’t realize they’d been insulted. So, for your insulting pleasure, I bring you, twelve of my favorite insults from the past, insults with style. Enjoy. *s*


1. “He had delusions of adequacy.” – Walter Kerr

2. “He can compress the most words into the smallest idea of any man I know.” – Abraham Lincoln

3. “He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends.” – Oscar Wilde

4. “He is not only dull himself, he is the cause of dullness in others.” – Samuel Johnson

5. “He is a self-made man and worships his creator.” – John Bright

6. “He has the attention span of a lightning bolt.” – Robert Redford

7. A graceful taunt is worth a thousand insults.” – Louis Nizer

8. “I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.” -Clarence Darrow

9.        “I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn’t it.”-Groucho Marx

10.        “They never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge.” -Thomas Brackett Reed

11.        “He has Van Gogh’s ear for music.”-Billy Wilder

12.        “He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts… for support rather than illumination.” Andrew Lang


Linking up with the Ultimate Blog Challenge today. While insulting someone is never nice. Sometimes we just can’t keep our mouths shut. In those cases, if we can at least insult nicely, maybe feeling wouldn’t be hurt, friendships dissolved, and arguments started. Share your thoughts.


Did we used to be nicer when we insulted someone?

Do you have a favorite way of letting someone know when you’re unhappy with their actions?

Are any of these a favorite for you?



Cyber Space – The New Final Frontier?


The New Final Frontier

Captain Kirk was wrong. Space wasn’t the final frontier. There is still new territory to explore. New territory we can explore from the comfort of our home. Cyber Space is the final frontier.

What’s in Cyber Space

Cyber space has everything. People who have the same interests and will visit and share ideas with you are in cyber space. People who will read your words, and be moved to action, are in cyber space. People who will encourage and cheer you on as you attempt something new can be found in cyber space. People who are available at all hours are in cyber space. People you already know and like, but seldom have a chance to connect with are in cyber space.

Cyber space is also filled with education, want to learn how to do an activity? Instructions can be found in cyber space. Want to know how to spell a word, or find a fact? Cyber space has the answer. Need someone to help you? They can be found in cyber space.

Be Brave

Try a new venture. Visit a new place. Share your knowledge. Venture into the final frontier. Let cyber space help you.

Do you try new things often?

Have you tried a new online social media activity?

What is your favorite thing about cyber space?

Share your thoughts in the comments. This post is part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Joining a challenge is entering a new frontier. Don’t be afraid. Try something new.


Eight Fears – Part of the Ten Day “You” Series


I try hard not to be afraid, or think about what scares me. If I don’t think about is frightening, and it happens, that’s when I’ll figure out a way to muddle through. 

For example, I wasn’t afraid of my husband dying. Because in my mind he wasn’t going to die. He was going to beat that illness and our lives would go on. I didn’t want to think about  him not beating it. What would I do? How would I finish life with out him? To think about those things would’ve scared the begees out of me.

I knew how to do certain things, pay bills, balance the checkbook, do a budget, mow the lawn, put gas in the car, all of the activites the experts say women should know how to do “in case.” I knew how to get something done if I didn’t have the skills to accomplish it. I could take the car in for the oil change, and tire rotation, call the propane company when my stove won’t stay lit, call my sons and get them to handle a situation, or have them give me a name to call.


Since being scared doesn’t help me, I try to avoid it. Still, there are those things that I’m afraid of, or that bother me. In no particular order they are:

1. Mice, spiders I can handle. Mice or rats give me the hebbie-gebbies. They make me jump and gasp if they dart across my space. I can set traps for them, and empty the traps, but ewwww.

2. Snakes. *Shudder* I know some snakes are good and benefical, they help. Those snakes need to stay out of my line of sight. When I see a snake, I want it gone. On the other hand, if someone who knows what they are doing is handling a snake, and offers to let me touch it, I will. Go figure.

3. Running out of propane in the winter, when the roads are icy. I  have great propane people, and they’d drive to my house to supply me with more. But, I don’t want someone being on dangerous roads because of me. Being without propane when the roads are icy, means it is beyond cold. I am always fearful of not having propane, which is why I check it often in the winter.

4. Not having the internet. My internet has gone down for a short time. However, I can’t imagine not having it at all. It is my lifeline. On days when I can’t do anything else I can surf the web. My son and I have talked about me moving, but when I do, the new house will have to have internet access.

5. Not being able to talk. I hadn’t thought of this until I read it on November’s Child’s blog. I am a chatterbox. I’m not sure how I could function if I couldn’t talk. It’s too scary to even contemplate.

6. All things horror. Horror movies, horror books, horror costumes. No thank you. If I were to try to read a horror book, I’d be so scared I couldn’t finish it, or go to sleep.

7. Closed or tight spaces. I can ride an elevator, but  I take a deep breath first and hope for the best. I refuse to ride in them if they are crowded. “People will scoot closer to each other and someone will say, “there’s room for one more.” Uh, thank you, no. I’ll wait.”

8. People who think it’s okay to get behind the wheel of a car after they’ve been drinking. I’ve been hit by one drinking driver, not an experience I care to repeat. Not drinking and driving is one of my soapbox stands.

There you have it, eight things that scare me.

What about you?

What scares you?

What do you do to fight the fear?

Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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Life is Full of Love – 9 Loves for the 10 Day “You” Challenge


Nine loves. I guess I could cheat and just say my kids and grandkids. Except then I’d have to leave my three “in-loves” out.  Rather than leave anyone out I will share nine other loves.

1. Fabric. Prints, solids, textured, smooth, cottons, wool, satin and silk, fabric for any project. Enough said.

2. Books. Just books. New books, old books. Paperback books, hardcover books. Fiction or nonfiction. I love books. I love books. Love to see them. Love to hold them. Love to read them. Sometimes I even love to write them.

3. Stuart Oklahoma. Not my hometown. Filled with caring and welcoming people,  There is a hotel there that was built before Oklahoma was a state. Today the hotel is used for gatherings and meetings. But, it’s the people that make Stuart one of my loves.

4. Water. Preferably large bodies of water, the ocean lakes, large ponds. Although swimming pools, rivers, and creeks can work too. It’s best if I can get in the water. However, sometimes the weather, or circumstances, doesn’t cooperate, then just watching the water is soothing and calming.

5. Sunsets and sunrises. The world slows down for both and the sky paints beautiful pictures. A perfect time for assessing the day ahead or the one just finished.

6. Bedding freshly washed and dried outside in the sunshine. The smell and feel is welcoming and calming.

7. The internet. It keeps me connected to the world no matter what the weather does.

8. Music. Music is the backdrop to my life. Whether I’m driving (and I drive a lot) working at home, exercising, or reading I love to have music playing. Jazz, classical, country, oldies, I listen to almost all of it (not too much heavy metal, or hard rock and roll) I can’t usually tell you who the artist is, or the name of the song, but I enjoy the sounds of music.

9. The Dr. Pepper clock in my kitchen. It hung in my husband’s classroom for 26 years. When he retired they let him bring it home. He told me he remembered the company donating the clocks to classrooms when he was a kid and wanting the one that was given to his class. I love the clock for all the memories it brings. And it still works too.


What is one of your favorite memories that you love?

Is there a town in your past or present you love?

Do you love technology or one part of it?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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