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Does Social Media Help or Hinder the Grieving Process?

The other day a friend asked, “Does social media enhance the grief and keep one stuck in the pain or help move through the grief.” There are of course support groups online that are a great help, especially to those … Continue reading

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Time- Friend or Foe

Today, at the Ultimate Blog Challenge the suggestion is to write about something that comes in fours. I’m not sure what comes in four There are weeks in a month, suites in a deck of cards, classical elements (earth, air, … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Thought

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Writing to Heal

When my husband was first diagnosed a friend suggested I journal. She and I were after all writers. Isn’t that what writers do? Write? Why? I asked. So, you’ll remember,” she said. Yeah, guess what. I didn’t think I’d need … Continue reading

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Countdown to Christmas

Twenty-five, twenty-four, twenty-three, twenty-two, twenty-one, twenty, nineteen, eighteen, seventeen, sixteen. Sixteen more days. Ok, I know, we are well and truly into the countdown. I got a little behind, what can I say? How are you faring? With 16 days … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to Be Selfish

In a previous post here, I talked about taking time for yourself. Today the question is, “how does taking “me” time help me?” Here’s the thing, our heart and emotions need time to rest and recuperate, just as our bodies … Continue reading

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It’s All About You

What have you done for yourself lately? You’re a mom, you’re a grandmother, you are a vital employee, you were a wife, you are a giver. We enjoy giving of ourselves, it’s who we are, it helps keep us grounded. … Continue reading

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Why Write Our Pain Away

“I’m not going to journal.” That was my answer when a writing friend suggested I journal about my husband’s illness. I repeated the answer when he lost his battle and she suggested again. No way was I going to write … Continue reading

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