Moving our Bodies Makes Travel More Accessible

It’s Movement Monday

At least that’s the original plan. To blog about moving our bodies, not our belongings.

One problem with this Pantzer planning, is she often goes off on tangents.  I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month and they often offer suggestions for blog posts. The suggestions, which are great and I sometimes go with them, seldom coincide with my blogging agenda.

Today however, the ideas almost mesh. My current schedule (when I follow it) is to blog about moving our bodies, otherwise known as exercise. The UBC suggestion is to blog about travel. There are a myriad of ways to incorporate travel into a blog. I’m going to combine travel and getting our bodies in motion.

Traveling to other places means we need to be in decent shape to fully enjoy the experience. A couple of years ago my family and I went to Silver Dollar City in Branson. I felt confident I could enjoy the outing.

Oops, no. I started walking, but soon realized a scooter was necessary to avoid a trip to the hospital. Not a good way to have an enjoyable time, for me or my family. So, I used the scooter, but was mortified of its necessity. Not a cool scooter like this either, an “old people scooter.” There is nothing wrong with those scooters and rides. They allow people to do many things they would otherwise miss out on. However, I felt like I was too young, and should be too healthy to use one of those scooters from need. Time to move my body and get in healthy shape if I wanted enjoy more of the outings with my family.


Clear indication I needed to exercise and get in some sort of shape. Which I started doing.

I started walking. At first less than a quarter of a mile. Don’t even ask how long it took to walk that short distance. Now, after several months of walking, I’m up to 2 1/2 miles in an hour and fifteen minutes. Not lightening speed, but it is an improvement.


Since I have plans to do more traveling, having a fit and healthy body will allow me to enjoy the full experience of wherever I go.

Now I have walked a couple of 5Ks, but that’s another post.

Do you do any exercise?
Where would you like to travel?
What is your favorite exercise when on the go?


Fitness Friday


Ever since I “won” a trip to the city, in an ambulance, because my heart wanted to do its own dance, I have worked on eating healthier and moving more.


Too bad my body has been more stubborn than me and has held on to the fat and excess weight.

Enough already. I bought a generic step counter to measure my walking. It is surprising how few steps I take in a day. Moving hands across the keyboard, or sewing, doesn’t count.

If you need, or just want, to add more moving and exercise to your life I hope my struggles will encourage you. My current exercise regimen includes, walking, with or without company, yoga once a week, and modified pushups. Come along and exercise with me.


I will post my successes (or failures) here each Friday. If the weight ever drops, I’ll let you know that too.

Although, even with the weight clinging on, I have noticed that the extra movement has helped my breathing.

Funny, turns out that breathing aspect is super important.

Also, I am able to do more things now. So the exercise is helping, I just wish it would carve the weight off faster.

This week’s report:

Friday (9/30/) – 1 mile walk (more or less)

Saturday (10/1) – 6000 steps

Sunday (10/2) – 1 mile walk

Monday (10/3) – 1 mile walk, 20 modified push-ups

Tuesday (10/4) –1 mile at the Allen walking track, after a writing class, and lunch with a friend.

I thought 3000 steps was a mile. However, when I walked the 1 mile track I was short several steps. When I got home, I remeasured what I thought was my one mile route.

Next time I walk the track, I’ll see how many steps exactly (or more or less) makes up a mile.


Wednesday (10/5)- 6000 steps. Most of it at the fair with lots of rest stops. Also about a half hour of yoga. Class is an hour long, but I have a hernia which was giving me problems. Still, some yoga is better than no yoga.

Thursday (10/6) – 3000 steps, bad day. At least I got one mile in. Thank goodness for the ladies at Toastmaster. After the meeting we went for a walk which helped me get my steps in.


Do you have an exercise routine?

What is your favorite way to exercise?

What helps motivate you to exercise?


Day 7 of the UBC (ultimate blog challenge)



Fitness for Widows

A day late and dollar short is sometimes my way of life. My blogging friend Julie, at Julie Unplugged, introduced me to Fitness 5 on Friday, the brainchild of Jen at JVKom Chronicles.

I’m linking up because I know that being healthy means I can enjoy life more. Since my favorite exercise partner is no longer with me, my husband and I used to go for walks, I’m turning to online exercise friends. Maybe a little exercise will help me be able to do the things I want to do without needing to take two or three days to recuperate. It’s a hope anyway.


Come along and join the fun, I need some company. Most of those who linked up for the #F5onF are at the deep, deep, deep, end of the exercise pool. They do things like run, for fun not because they are late and need to catch someone or something. They do weight training, with weights, not food. They have special exercise clothes and equipment.

I don’t run (unless I’m very, very late, and even then it’s more of a fast walk.) Weights? Does moving my overweight body around count as weight lifting? Special clothes? Naw. Whatever I put on that morning is my exercise outfit. Check out my answer below about my exercise shoes.

Each Friday Jen will be asking fitness questions and then we’ll answer and link up on. Hopefully  having this smidge of accountability in my week I will pay more attention to my fitness levels and reach some of my goals.

Here is yesterday’s check in, told you, day late.

1. How many minutes of Cardio did you do this week? (anything that got your heart pumping counts!)

Let’s see. It was a rough week. Last Saturday I walked from the front to the back of a cemetery, and back to my car. Walked around an “island” with the grandkids. Walked for 3 hours through the science museum with grandkids, don’t forget walking to and from the car. Walked the grands to their gate at the airport, and, of course, their gate was at the end, the very end. However, we were in the Oklahoma City airport which isn’t that huge, so I’m not sure that little walk counts.  Slow walks, fast walks, short walks, long walks, I’m guessing maybe 180 minutes of cardio this week. Hmmm, wonder what the goal should be?

2. What is your favorite physical activity? 

Is she kidding? My favorite  physical activity is moving the food from the table to my mouth.  Okay, for real my favorite all-time physical activity is anything in the water. Swimming, playing, aqua-exercise, if it involves being in large amounts of water I enjoy it

3. How much water do you drink on a daily basis?

I love water! It is my go-to drink. I just forget to drink sometimes. I usually manage to remember to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, some days I’m not as good.

4. What is your favorite healthy snack?

Healthy snack? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Snacks aren’t healthy, they are things like, cookies, cake, chips, candy bars or ice-cream. None of which can be construed as “healthy.”  Good thing she didn’t ask about favorite “unhealthy” snack (hint- chips, hands down potato chips are my favorite snack. My son says if there is an open package of chips at my house it’s empty.) However, I do also love fruits and veggies, more veggies really. Now that it’s summer, a plate of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers are a great snack, or meal for me.

5. What’s your favorite athletic shoe?

Shoes? We’re supposed to wear shoes? My athletic shoes are eight years old (or nine). I just unpacked them the other day, actually I found where I had stashed them a couple of years ago. If I go walking in the pasture, or working in the yard I wear them, or another pair of sturdy shoes. The rest of the time I’m in sandals or barefoot.

So how about you? Have you done any type of exercise this week?

Do you enjoy any form of exercise?

Come and play with me in the shallow end of the exercise pool, I need company.Answer any or all of the questions on your blog (be sure to link up) or in the comments below.