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As I mentioned in a previous blog, walking has become my exercise of choice. Most days I walk 2.5 miles, on a track. It’s boring. Oh sure, I get to watch the sun rise, beautiful.














And yes, I do have a walking partner most days. Still, to add some spice to the walk, why not “visit” some areas here. The plan is (there I go, trying to plan again) to post pictures and information about the town, community, or interesting landmark as, or after, I would reach them if I was truly walking toward a destination.

First up is Stuart. A small town now, community really, but at one time Stuart was the place to be, twoa bustling metropolis. First up is the hotel. Built in 1902 adjacent to the train depot.

Today the hotel serves at the town hall and is rented out for special gatherings, family reunions, weddings, anniversaries, etc.


Next to the hotel is a small park. Perfect for sitting and visiting with friends while children run and play.



Like many small towns and communities a memorial thanks the service men and women involved in conflicts from WWI to  the most recent.

 In addition, the Stuart memorial honors the Gold star mothers, mothers who had children who gave their all in service of the United States Armed Forces.








While Stuart had and has many good upstanding citizens, people who promote the town and help in any way possible, people who signed on the line to offer their lives for their country, we have had a few less desirable people visit. To house those persons, a jail was built. Constructed in 1918, it’s clear it hasn’t been used in several years.



















Stuart even has it’s own tag office.

Today, just as when the town was founded children are considered treasures and everyone watches out for them and does their best to keep the little ones safe.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Stuart one of many small communities dotting Oklahoma. They are especially prominent in the southeastern part of the state. Lucky for the residents they don’t have to walk everywhere or depend on horse and wagon or buggy since the large towns of Tulsa and Oklahoma City are about a two hour drive away. If we’d actually walked there from my home, at my slow rate, it would’ve taken us seven days.

Do you walk for exercise?

Do you have small communities where you live?

What’s your favorite thing in your town?




Full Service Gas Stations Still Exist and Add to Road Trip Adventures

Yesterday on #Monday Blogs, Leslie at Nurture her Nature  posted about their encounter with a full-service gas station. Which reminded me, when my cousin/friend Teresa and I drove to California this summer we encountered one of those friendly dinosaurs.

We were driving along enjoying the scenery and lack of civilization in New Mexico when Teresa noticed we had about a fourth of a tank of gas left.


Now here in Oklahoma, and especially up where she lives near Oklahoma City, a fourth of a tank is no problem. We can drive for hours, because we know gas stations are plentiful and near.

However, in New Mexico we’d already driven past two exits that didn’t mention fuel. In fact as we neared those off ramps we wondered why they excisted. We couldn’t see any signs of civilization. We figured they must lead to houses, and maybe businesses out of sight. We opted not to be adventurous and follow them.

Finally, a sign boasting of fuel and food at the next exit. This was good. Not only did we need gas, but her son Jared was hungry. The gas station was closed, and looked like it had been for several months if not years. The road to it was torn up and closed. The stop wasn’t an entire loss.

We dug in the ice chest and snack bag to feed our famished male and enjoy a snack ourselves.

Back on the road we all three kept a sharp lookout for a gas station. Finally, we saw a sign for one. We pulled into the small station, and all of us wondered if there was any fuel in the tanks. Before we could get the nozzle off the tank a young woman joined us.

“How much?” she asked.

“Fill it up.” Teresa answered.


She graciously allowed me to take a picture of her pumping our gas. She told us her parents owned the station and she come into “town” to  help them out.

Just before we left I noticed a sign in the window, “bathroom $2.00 for non-customers.” I wish I’d taken a picture of that.

Do you remember the last time you used a full-service gas station?

Have you taken a road trip?

What is your favorite snack for a road trip?